07 March 2009


thanks to the generosity of a friend, i was able to see watchmen last night. they had previews for the new pixar movie, up.

i heart doggies. i haven't been able to have one for a few years, and i miss them and their silly and very cute ways. although i do love the kittehs that are around these parts just outside my door, i wish i had a dog to play with in the park.

in the previews for up, the pixar people managed, once again, to make me laugh very hard. in the movie i guess they somehow find a dog that has a collar that interprets dog thoughts into english. we later find out you can tune the dial for other languages.

i tried to find the trailer w/ the dog online to no avail. oh well. it'll come out soon i'm sure.

so in the doggie vein, i found this little diddy. she's a sleep runner...very cute. then she goes boom!

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