05 March 2009

critical times

critical seems to be the word of the day.

i'm keeping track of strauss v. horton. online and on tv. the online site is crashing, so that means good things in terms of interest. however, on tv, there are commercials. grr. i'm missing shannon minter, one of my legal heroes. however, i think the hearing will be available later on in the day, so i'll be ok in seeing him uninterrupted.

last time i was there live, this time i am in the comfort of the boo's home, watching and if i were a nail biter, i would be biting my nails. eek! this is history making and i hope to be able to tell my offspring that we were not living in a state of bigotry. part of the reason why i'm home, is that i have no idea how passionate the crowds will get, and from the looks of things, it seems to be getting more crowded, i don't like mob mentality and instability is in the air. (actually i mean that figuratively but also literally, it could pour rain, even though they say it wont....the skies are gray in the mission, the one place where it's always sunny.)

man, justice kennard is a tough broad. love her and her halting way of speaking. you should be careful if she is talking to you like that cause she's about to stab big bloody holes into whatever argument you just said. no matter how long you have crafted an anticipated answer, she's gonna think of something that makes you want to drool and hide under the covers out of embarrassment. i don't agree with her most of the time, but...i do admire her intellectual ability, even if i don't agree with her technique. she keeps people on their toes. 

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