31 March 2009

cat bites hurt

really long weekend. started out with critical mass on friday. then bday hula hoop party in the park. then walking around trying to find a good place to sit down and eat, then ending up at a taqueria. meeting up w/ the boo and watching him eat cause i thought he was gonna hang out with his pops.

then on sunday we went to santa cruz. we intended on going to the aquarium in monterey cause i've never been, but we started our day just way too late. so it was santa cruz, walking around on the boardwalk and the pier on a gorgeous picture perfect california day.

then i got home on monday after being out for a few days. apparently my whisper of a roommate went out of down for awhile because all i saw were rows of cat food, cat puke and a lonely kitty when i got home yesterday. oh yes, instead of TWO cats, there was just one. sigh. somehow fatty got out of the apartment. but she didn't go too far, a neighbor got a hold of her and was really nice. i believe i'll leave her some flowers and a nice note. i got distracted last night because fatty was moving away from me like she was gonna hide, and trying to coax a cat that doesn't want to get out of a space is NOT fun. so i grabbed her, and she bit me really hard. enough to make me bleed. ouch. she was going towards another kitty that our gracious neighbor was looking after and that cat was making a lot of noise. s/he sounded kind of like a person trying to sneeze. it was weird. and i guess my grabbing fatty at that moment was too much for her. she did relax after she bit me, and just let me take her away with only minimal meowing.

drah-mah. and meow meow was just skittish all night. so i plunked down on the couch even though i wanted to sleep in my bed. and the three of us chilled out and reunited. it was nice and quiet after the adventure.

oh, and on my way home i almost got hit by a motorcycle, but was totally his fault. it was far enough away that i was fine enough not to worry, but he almost fell off from trying to get around me. good! that's what he gets for trying to clip a car that was in front of me. he almost fell on fell street.

and on that note, it's just nice to be home. oh, and there was a minor earthquake yesterday. got me a lil nervous, but it wasn't so bad. but the little ones do get my nerves started though...

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