22 March 2009


this weekend was great. riding around with the ess bros while the boo was out of town visiting his familia. it rained a lot on saturday, i got my glasses pretty wet and was more than a little nervous riding across divisadero with the limited vision, but it was fine.

the elder ess finished his beauty of a new bike. picked up the frame, cobbled it together w/ the younger ess directing the mechanics of it all. the hard stuff was done at box dog, then the rest at the turk apartment. i hadn't been there in awhile and to see the younger's makeshift bike stand was...AWESOME. i love diy stuff, and that one was so simple and functional, and...pleasing to the eye thanks to the orange bike tape used to not scratch/steady the bikes. and according to all those damn online personality tests, i'm many things (obviously), and according to the tests, i have an eye for function and beauty. of course the latter is subjective, but one really can't go wrong with simple lines. and that's what the stand was all about. i kept staring at it while they were busy finishing building the bike.

it was also fascinating to see how quickly they put it together, what the parts were, how to take apart a bike and put it back together. whenever i had a question, they would show me what they did. it was building a fixed gear, so i don't know about all the derailleurs stuff, but seeing the rest come together was pretty great.

by the time the bike was done, there was only one thing missing. pedals. we were going to walk all our bikes to another bike store closer to their house, but less friendly than box dog. the minute we turned the corner, the wind whipped my hair and pollen flew in my mouth. there was a light rain starting to fall and the younger was basically all....hellllnaw we're not riding and this. i was joking and said, oh why not, as i tried to spit out the pollen. gross...

so we walked back, parked the bikes in the garage, then walked to the bike store. where, i might mention, they had the masi soulville i've salivated over. it was located behind a penny farthing, (i kid you not) so i couldn't really get a good look at it. we collectively salivated over the masi single speed commuter bike hanging from the ceiling. so much so we took their masi catalog and looked at that bike porn at the turk apt.

we all had a nice mellow night, hung out w/ their roommate, awesome chica, and her other awesome chiquita pequena friend. lately haven't been hanging out w/ too many awesome chicas (they have just been so-so chicas...sigh) so it's always nice to be in their company.

because it got too late, it was raining and i was practically asleep with my eyes open, i left my bike there. i went to get it this morning and then we all rode around today. the wind was still whipping, and damn, it was chilly too! but instead of our ride to the beach, we ended up going to the mission to see some murals. we also stopped at some bike stores just cause bike stores are fun, and the first mission described by the elder ess bro was still not complete. the damn top tube pad!!

went to a few bike stores stores, grabbed coffee/tea, looked at murals, saw a futbol game, then went to a greatgreatgreat bike store, pedal revolution. we were there for quite some time looking at things, new chains, wheels, tires, helmets, saddles, bells, squishy plastic animals that you could use a bell (i squeezed a blue whale. um, too cute!!). and yes. the elder got his top tube and felt good about helping "the cause." such a marked difference from the bike store that merely supplied the pedals...and some early van halen. i guess w/ that music, i can't totally fault them, but their bedside manner leaves much to be desired.

so now w/ the black IRO (a change from the red he initially ordered) armed with a bright green top tube pad, a red chain and blue plastic grips, he was ready to take his bike back to sac-town tonight. yay. mission complete and it's a great lil sweet ride. i only wish my legs were long enough to ride that beauty for myself.

when i came home today, i found this on a bike blog. i like it:

so all and all, it was a really nice and mellow weekend. thanks to the ess bros and our bikes and to the awesome chicas, good times and good laughs.

now i'm gonna meet up with the boo, we're going to cook dinner and drink some wine. what a great ending to a perfect weekend.

this calitexican is over and out with a big fat smile on her face...

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m e l i g r o s a said...

thanks for sharing the bici love!! and that is some sweet video ;)