21 March 2009

ay que mi cholita...

ugh. so the other day as i had spent a nice time at the anarchist bookfair and a great time with the ess bros, we had decided it was time to take a break. and at this break in the day, we decided to go home. so in doing this, we went to the middle of the crazy traffic artery of our fair city. in doing such, we actually dismounted our bikes to cross the busy street. there were three of us, intently focused on crossing legally at the moment the signal signified it was safe. so... the three of us were paying attention to the lights.

in the background i heard someone say, "can you please move your bike?" as i have lived in a city for, oh i dunno for about fucking 12 years, i've been used to people making their own fucking space if not enough room was supplied.

not following me? pleasssssssse. lemmme esplain....

little known fact about the calitexican: she was one stuck under a (white) hippie's (with dreads) armpit in a sardine-packed-subway in nyc about 12 years ago. no AC and for about 45 min. well, at least it seemed like it. from then on she realized it was a one for themselves atmosphere in her lovely city known as the n-y-c.

so, armed with this knowledge, nearly 1/2 as old as i am...i put this "can you move your bike?" nonsense in the back of my head. i dismissed her nonsensical inquisition because: 1) there were 3 of us on our bikes, 2) we were all off (aka dismounted from) our bikes, as in actually walking them across the street, 3) there was plenty of room to round the corner with another person, 4) the world does not revolve around the asker of the question.

and then when i, the lucky person not to acknowledge the bitch that asked, "can you please move your bike?" i was the lucky fucking recipient of her passive aggressiveness. she fucking bumped into the back tire of my lovely bici, both of whom she and i were just looking across the busy 4 lane street to cross. she and i were the equivalent of an owner and an obedient dog waiting to follow instructions. we had been at the bike store, at the beach and just ready to go home.

instead a passive aggressive bitch decided to fuck with my lovely BBBici (full name: beautiful blue bici).

i immediately snapped my head around to where she and her friend were and said, "just because i didn't hear doesn't mean you can bump into me and my bike BITCH!@#$!#@$@!"

if you knew the CT...i would NEVER talk to someone like that unless suuuuuuuper drunk (which as been known to happen, but not so much anymore...) or lobotomied. yeah, i'll tell ya for certain i was NEITHER, since i have two people to verify for me.

unless it's the chola.

so the chola came out, said the above, asked the boys if they heard that woman, and then kept giving her and her similarly entitled friend the "stink eye," mad doggin, el mal ojo...etc. you know what i'm talkin about...

and yes, i'll admit i "heard" her, but it didn't register she was talking to me until she so fucking rudely bumped into my bike. i apologize for the profanity, but it was really upsetting and there was no reason for it, so i guess that's how i remember the details?

so i "heard" that bitch ask someone to move their bike, but i didn't notice it cause we were all off our bikes, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, we weren't blocking any part of some big walkway.

and not to mention the fact that i thought of soon after the fact was what if i DID hear her request, but i didn't understand english? does that make it ok for her to forcibly run into a bike?

i don't think so.

and on the flip side, nor does it make it ok to bump into me because i DO understand english well enough to manipulate it into legalese and back into english.

i just assumed, poorly apparently, despite living in city dwellings for 12 years, that this bitch needed enough space so she could walk. and. um. there was plenty for you to walk, the ess bros agreeded after i said, "did y'all hear what the bitch said to me?!" and for them to tell me, "oh she's looking back at you..."

i am getting so upset thinking about it. i'll post this and edit it later if i see need fit. and yes. i hate that woman. she and her friend were entitled bitches. if i could only draw the space me and the ess bros had (3 peeps) and that bitch and her friend had...there was enough walking space for a fucking marching band to pass only for her to hit my back bike tire as if i was taking up some of her fucking precious breathing oxygen on earth.

ok, i'll stop. i should have a long time ago.

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