10 January 2009

deep breaths

i was nervous to post what i did the other day for fear of being crucified for some of the things i said, but it hasn't happened. i am a pessimist and i continually strive to be less so, but (true to my nature) it doesn't always work out that way. i just need to keep giving myself these tests and get out of the lil' funk i'm in.

so to lighten things up, i'll talk about the cute ass bike i saw yesterday. i haven't been on my bike for awhile due to the weather and (see above) being cold and wet and stuff. then i see people on their bikes despite this and i look at my beautiful winter bike gloves the texican generously gave me for christmas. and i was walking yesterday and saw the smallest bike i've seen in awhile. it was so cute. i believe the wheels were both 650 wheels. i've been seeing the hipsters w/ their fixies with the 700 in the back and the 650 in the front. i don't get it, makes them look like they are going to fall over head first into traffic. if i am in traffic, that's the last place i would want to be. since i'm short, i have a hard time finding bikes. this is why i'm so into the mixte bikes. anyway, this person came out while i was admiring the bike and i got embarassed that i was looking at it so intently. looks like she got a small frame off an old 10 speed and then put those tires on. it was perfect size. maybe actually a lil bigger would have worked. so it's possible.

i'm looking for a work horse bike that's cute and classy. i saw this man yesterday riding a beautiful shiny red mixte bike. it looked like a custom bike frame. mustashe handlebars with cork grips, internal geared hub, black wire basket in front, green and leather bag in back. he looked old school even though he couldn't be more than early 40s. wool bike cap, brown knickers, solid wool jersey. and, most importantly, a big smile. man, i would be smiling like that too if i were him! it was a gorgeous ride and they both looked very happy going through dog poop park. :)

so i guess that's two cute bikes i saw yesterday. the red one i saw first during the day, and i had my new camera with me! doh. he just went by too fast for me to take a pic. very velocouture. awesome.

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