21 January 2009

it's a beautiful day

even though it's rather gray outside my window. and yes, it's because the bushes are outoutout of the whitewhite house.

thanks god.

this was on my screen yesterday:

IMing with the texican while watching obama's speech and reading the nytimes. great start to the day, if i do say so myself.

now i'm going to take a lesson from his speech and take responsibility for myself. the past is the past. must move on to move forward.

btw, i really loved both of michelle's outfits yesterday. i thought they were both classy & bold, all signs of a new era, hope, and calmness in order to deal with these tough times ahead.

13 January 2009

target women

i've heard about sarah through jezebel, but was always somewhere where i couldn't see the video. so i up and forgot about it, like i do of most of the things i read. however, i was able to see the video today and i can already tell. i have a new friend crush. friend crushes are fun!

this was the first one i saw:

i hate the jewelry commercials that infect the airwaves during the holiday season. and i guess i'm not the only one!

i can't wait to see what more sarah has to offer. :)

12 January 2009

welcome to post racial america!

tracy morgan must read the calitexican. hahaha. believe it or not, i do have a sense of humor. in fact, some people actually describe me as funny. so yeah, i totally laughed my arse off when i heard his speech last night at the golden globes. :)

"i'm the face of post racial america! deal with it cate blanchett!" awesome. and earlier he said something about being amazed that he was there since he was a public school student in brooklyn. haha. yes you can tracy!

11 January 2009

heavy heart

the nytimes has some stuff to say about oakland riots. they have thoughts on black on black crime. sfgate, being the premier newspaper that it is (and yes, that is sarcastic), notes that blacks feel they are unfairly targeted based on their race. wow, does sfgate know that this thing called racial profiling is an actual term. honestly, the paper is very silly. but at least they are reporting something. and it looks like the state prosecutors office will be brought in. good.

the thought depresses me, and the racial tension remains heavy here in the yay. very sad and with a heavy heart i turn my face away from the troubles of the world and focus on things i need to do for myself.

10 January 2009

deep breaths

i was nervous to post what i did the other day for fear of being crucified for some of the things i said, but it hasn't happened. i am a pessimist and i continually strive to be less so, but (true to my nature) it doesn't always work out that way. i just need to keep giving myself these tests and get out of the lil' funk i'm in.

so to lighten things up, i'll talk about the cute ass bike i saw yesterday. i haven't been on my bike for awhile due to the weather and (see above) being cold and wet and stuff. then i see people on their bikes despite this and i look at my beautiful winter bike gloves the texican generously gave me for christmas. and i was walking yesterday and saw the smallest bike i've seen in awhile. it was so cute. i believe the wheels were both 650 wheels. i've been seeing the hipsters w/ their fixies with the 700 in the back and the 650 in the front. i don't get it, makes them look like they are going to fall over head first into traffic. if i am in traffic, that's the last place i would want to be. since i'm short, i have a hard time finding bikes. this is why i'm so into the mixte bikes. anyway, this person came out while i was admiring the bike and i got embarassed that i was looking at it so intently. looks like she got a small frame off an old 10 speed and then put those tires on. it was perfect size. maybe actually a lil bigger would have worked. so it's possible.

i'm looking for a work horse bike that's cute and classy. i saw this man yesterday riding a beautiful shiny red mixte bike. it looked like a custom bike frame. mustashe handlebars with cork grips, internal geared hub, black wire basket in front, green and leather bag in back. he looked old school even though he couldn't be more than early 40s. wool bike cap, brown knickers, solid wool jersey. and, most importantly, a big smile. man, i would be smiling like that too if i were him! it was a gorgeous ride and they both looked very happy going through dog poop park. :)

so i guess that's two cute bikes i saw yesterday. the red one i saw first during the day, and i had my new camera with me! doh. he just went by too fast for me to take a pic. very velocouture. awesome.

08 January 2009

post-race society?

my ass. excuse me. these claims are perhaps immature. please let me explain.

i grew increasingly frustrated at the "post-race" discussion brought about by the 2008 election and the fact that america might elect a (half-white, half-) black man to be president of the US. and we did. go us! we clearly must ALL be above this pesky dirty completely unmentionable race thing and moving past it to look at what the "content of (people's) character" contains, right? look, i know it's more complicated than that. they are not saying post-race means the beginning end of racism. but these days since things get cut into sound bites and introducing that media friendly term is, i think, irresponsible. it is irresponsible because it ignores that so many awful things are still going on in america, despite this one incredible event in our nation's history of our electing barak obama as president.

example? let me please direct your attention over to the fine bay city of oakland, california and the events of 1/1/09.

the bay area is certainly not beyond post-race at all. short, fast and well-known history: slowly, for the past few decades, rich people (of all races) have effectively pushed out many lower socio-economic bracket, which tend to be disproportionally communities of color, to find new homes outlying areas. what we get is a really pale san francisco with chunks of color thrown in, and then we get really colorful outer areas like oakland. or so the bay area general folklore goes.

in the first few hours of new years day as i lay face down in a fresh white pillow with visions of dick clark's stroke laden face dancing jerkily through my head, a very non post-race event was going on over in oakland. a 22 year old black male was also laying face down, but in concrete in the above ground BART station of fruitvale. his hands were tied behind his back. a 27 year old white BART police officer shot him. the 22 year old man eventually died. there was lots of amateur video that found its way to local news broadcasts. the video showed he was unarmed. i have talked about the potential of anticipated accountability due to video before. guess in the heat of the moment, people forget about this easily transportable technology....?

needless to say, many people in oakland are PISSED.

the 27 year old man, rather than have to face an internal investigation, RESIGNED. this means he has longer to keep his mouth shut. he possibly may never have to say anything, although i think that scenario is highly unlikely, yet not out of the realm of possibility. yesterday riots broke out in downtown oakland. people set cars on fire, broke windows to local businesses and basically just raised hell. violently.

i heard from a good friend of mine that he was still at work a few blocks from where the protests were at 7pm. they lit a car on fire a few cars from where his was parked. another friend of mine was working late in the city and lives off a BART station in oakland. due to the protesting, they had closed a few stations and he didn't know what to do.

i could go on about how violence is dumb and how it just perpetrates stereotypes, conjuring up images of watts riots, riots after the rodney king verdict was announced, etc.

i could do that, but other people will be speculating on this alllll day i'm sure.

instead what i'm going to do is say, there is just absolutely no way we're a post-race society. we are not. just because we elected someone who is mixed race to the presidency, does not ever mean we are a post-race society that quickly. believe me, i want to be there. but 500 plus years of racist genocidal crap has gone on in this country, and like a catholic who hasn't gone to confession in awhile, we collectively carry around those scars, but the scars mean something different to all of us.

furthermore, i would just like to add that obama is not really an african-american. before you yell at me, what i mean by that is obama is the son of a kenyan man and an white american woman. he had quite an unusual upbringing, taking him away from america and then back to hawaii. he was raised by his white family. he does not carry the burden of american slavery in his personal consciousness precisely because he is not a descendant of slaves. that important and awful mutual thread in african-american history is missing. i cannot ever profess to know what his experiences with racism would be, because my brown has a little more leche in it. but i'm sure that just as latino immigrants here unfortunately absorb the brunt of racism and discrimination going on for years, i'm am willing to bet that any newly arrived africans living in america absorb the same.

we just all need to admit american race relations was/is/will continue to be fucked up, but by wishing it gone does not make it so. otherwise i believe it would be.

isn't that right oakland?

ugh. and just to make myself clear, i in absolutely no way condone yesterday's riots. at all. i find them disgusting and frustrating. but i also understand the community is grieving, upset, and mob mentality does happen and usually gets out of hand, and it happened yesterday.

04 January 2009

belated merry christmas from miette

pretty tree. cold nights. yummy cupcakes!

The kiddos

happy new year

welcome to the last year you can wear those goofy glasses that say 2009! i guess you can make them for 2010, but then you might be cross-eyed or something and scratch your nose.

i'm not much one for resolutions, but i have been making some changes before the year turned over and turned out the light. i will not get into them, but in general they involve just being better and nicer to myself. i believe that is something we all share a desire to do, whether we know it or not.

random thoughts of the day: if someone could invent a cure for shin splints, i would be really grateful. also a cure for creaky knees.

now to start off the new year, i got a digi cam from the boo. i think i will set it up to my computer now. i also shall make a knitted case for it. and it's pink! i believe that calls for the same color and pattern i have for the lil hat i showed you guys in the previous post.

and also to start off the new year, i have a cold. i lost my voice and have blown my nose into oblivion. the skin around my nose hurts and is flaky, red and raw. at least tea feels good going down my throat. and i hear my snoring is kinda out of control. how embarrassing. ok, not really.

same old stuff: the kiddos are so freaking cute! i will send it to the blog now that i know how to email posts.

i also discovered some new bands. they are not newnew, but new to me. love it.

pacha massive:

ximena sariñana:

and last, but certainly not least, my fav artist, pilar diaz, came out with a limited edition album at the end of 2008. this album was the result of the visionary in residence she had at sitela. i cannot stop listening to it. i really can't. it's infectious, and some of the songs haunt me (in a good way) when i'm not listening to them. and the range of songs for a short album vary from melancholy to tongue in cheek, and back to innovative. for a sample of these aforementioned styles, please see the below.

here's "tu y yo"

"ilegal en estyle"

and finally, my newest favorite song, "friday the 13th (trece), gameboy remix." hands down the coolest song i've heard in a few years. the friend crush continues on!!

so in looking for pilar stuff when i was home in the muthalandia, i found this review of her album. anyone who's first sentence is, "america needs pilar diaz," is a friend of mine. read and see for yourself. he also says it's the best album of 2008. i haven't heard that many new albums this year, so i agree with him by default. but i would go further to say it's one of the better albums i've heard in a few years.

he's right about her leaving los abandoned. it was very sad since they were such a great band, but she clearly has so much more to her as an artist that she needs to share with the world. (more than say, gwen stefani who found herself in a similar situation, but didn't really have anything to say that she couldn't do with no doubt) pilar's influences clearly show a folksy side that you can't show in a blondie-type band. and please use the uke as much as possible.

oh yeah, and julieta's unplugged was...um, the shit. i love the tooooba! incidentally, the below song reminds me of a former good friend i miss very much, but our friendship was just not sustainable in the long run for a myriad of reasons. and 2008 was when i had to say goodbye. the good times were amazing, the bad times were god awful and unnecessarily dramatic. and because the last few months of our friendship were more toxic than it was good and it was time to say "me voy. que lastima, pero adios..."

all apologies for the randomness of the post. i'm going to blame that on the cold medicine. :)