29 December 2009

the times, they are a changin'

on saturday night i went out to see my friends for a long awaited christmas dinner.

the places we went are not part of the austin i grew up with, but they are nice and welcome additions. gentrification, here we come!

justine's. waiting. outside in the cold. good thing we had wine to keep us warm.

The times they are a changin' 2

fun sign times.

The times, they are a changin'

then we got more drinks at east side show room.

The times they are a changin 3

not enough time. must go back soon.

24 December 2009

fonda san miguel. home away from home

the mama texican, the co-bro and i have been to our favorite locale, our home away from home, fonda san miguel for the past 2 evenings. some may even say it's our "local."

Merry navidad.

let's just say, the wine is rad. the red is chilled jusss a LIL' bit, and boy, does it ever go down easier that way.

Cellar of secretos

the conversation flows all night as the regulars come and go.

Co-bro y mama texican

and the food? well ,the mole....the mole is so awesome, that i actually don't care (too) much that it has chicken stock. BAD vegetarian! but the enchiladas were veggies. oh my oh my. i am considering how to transport some mole home.

Gotta keep em saturated...

Looking up

Home base...

cafecito anyone?

Co-bro sipping a cafecito

and now, it's time to go home. good night everyone!

Straddle the saddle.

sigh. i love austin and getting quality time in with the mama texican and the co-bro

20 December 2009

ukelele love

there are few things more awesome than a ukelele. here are a few videos to share that show why:

the first was shared my by uke playing friend, the former iceskater.

these are two videos that my music friend crush, pilar diaz made. the first is demonstrating her love for her personal ukes (pink flying v anyone?!) along with a little bit of a history lesson. the second was made by texans for obama. (yes, i heard there were a few) for their campaign back a year and a presidency ago.

and meligrosa sent me this earlier this week. it's been making the rounds of the interwebs this week:

and to bring it back full circle to my uke playing iceskater friend, i was at her place one day when she was trying to learn "i'm yours" on the uke, and her roommate was on the guitar. FUN and cute.

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18 December 2009

a lady's guide to holiday parties...

this is very important, and a tad late, as we are in full swing of the holiday season. and please, remember that "dash" of gin...

(and yes, i'm a HUGE mad men fan...)

i have no idea how long the video embed will last as nbc & hulu are one and the same and will take things offline at will, but enjoy while you can!!!

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boy roommates are great reason #8950295

ok, really it's reason #1 articulated thus far.

crouching tiger, drunken roommate as seen here is rad because...

1. i am washing dishes in a tank with my bra showing through very tacky like, but hey, i'm HOME and i'm doing dishes and i didn't expect him home after he made a big show of saying goodbye merely 2 hours earlier since he was going farfar away on a jet plane.

2. he stumbles home, clearly wasted. i've been in his place before (minus the dishes-washing, tank top & visible bra), so i'm ready to put in my karma points worth.

3. after an hour or so, and after he clearly cannot stop his mind from racing and racing and racing....i tell him to shut the hell up and go to his room.

have you ever even dared try to do that to a girl roommate no matter what gender you are? yah, good luck with that. then again, i'm not a big fan of confrontation. but will do so if need be, as the case was tonight.

4. he understood, apologized, ducked into his room after promises of genuine mexican tequila as a christmas present.

thanks. and good night. ;)

13 December 2009

rain rain go away

and come back, NEVER.


i did a teeny bit of california christmas shopping yesterday for my texas peeps. it was raining and that was NOT cool in that i wasn't counting on finding so many reasonably priced deals for my friends and family. as such, i had a little problem fitting everything in my [UPDATED: bike] basket and out of the rain.

but i did it and everything is fine and survived in tact.

now it's time to hang things up and do laundry, my absolute FAVORITE thing to do.

08 December 2009

trend sitting

apparently i'm into taking pictures of mannequins lately? i guess so.

Silver and ice

All I want is your photograph...


more to come? probably

05 December 2009


so...yeah. my mom jokingly calls the sort of psychic ability that has appeared now and then throughout the time we've been together on earth "espn." yes, it makes me giggle.

i've had this type of connection before. i've talked about it here before with the indonesian earthquake. clearly, it has happened before since the mama texican has obviously known me longer than this blog has been around, and thus she has added the term to our family language lexicon.

on friday i was going to hang out with my new favorite lady couple. but during the afternoon, i was requested to show up an hour later than i was expecting.

an hour to do what exactly? my mind was spinning. and i get antsy very easily. a leftover from nyc timing, i'm sure. why? well, because: 1. an hour is not that much time. 2. going home is out of the question cause my house is like quicksand and i get sucked in once through the door. 3. i don't really drink coffee that much. 4. i don't have the money to shop, but 5. shopping and cafes are sort of about the right amount of time to waste, and the neighborhood i was going into has many of these sorts of things to do.

stop one: tea &, gasp, a newspaper. what are those anymore?

stop two: a store that has clothes that i used to buy in nyc. i ended up trying on hats. i like a hat i tried on. if i still think about it in a few days or a week, i will return for said hat.

stop three: thrift store. where the ESPN happened.

more background:
rewind to san antonio, texas in the late 1990s. i am in an antique-ish shop with my family that does not sell clothes. i notice a blue jean jacket hanging way above door level. i'm drawn to the 70s collar. i ask to take it down. i learn it's a late 60s levi's jacket because of A, B & C. whether or not that is true, i have no idea. i purchase the jacket for probably around 2o bucks.

fast forward to 2007. last time i was in nyc (and that is waaaayyy too long, i might add). i am traveling to see the mama texican in brooklyn and i just took the red eye from SF. in my red-eyed blurriness, i left my beloved jean jacket on the subway since it is unexpectedly not the same weather in SF and NYC in september, the temperatures of both i know are rather comparable. i am very upset when i realize the jacket is gone, but i know things are just things, and if it was time to leave me, so be it.

in between the late 90s and 2007, precisely in 2004, i moved to california for "some reason." in order to gain residency to not pay those goddamn out of state fees, i took a picture at the dmv.

this picture was affectionately referred to as the "mexican farrah fawcett" califas drivers license.

the jean jacket made that outfit.

friday night, i found the jacket, or, rather, a facsimile thereof. it has the same color, the same feel and fit, the same tags, the same buttons, the same collar.

granted, this may not be the same jean jacket. i am fully aware of it. however i remain hopeful for a few reasons:

1. drawn into this store i've never been in before.

2. that was literally the first piece of clothing i saw on the womens' jackets rack.

3. the sanfrooklyn bridge has been in operation for quite some time, so it's not entirely inconceivable. if i found it in texas, i would have a harder time believing it.

4. smiles.

uyyy cucui...

03 December 2009


the chill of fall has finally washed itself upon san francisco. i realized this with a slap in the face on tuesday when i didn't bring my trusty trench because it was at the dry cleaners.

i lived in nyc for 8 winters. each winter was cold. some colder than others.

if this is so, then why the hell am i cold these past few days in SF?

weather spoiled, me thinks.

so i'll just rest up in my doña slippers and my sweats and putter around the apartment. shivering.

thanks to the mama texican for my biking gloves last christmas. they are keeping my fingers warm on the bici. wheee :)

and now that i'm cozy and warm in bed, it's time to go to sleep. what a quick week this has been!

25 November 2009


ever since i cracked open the 'puter (yes, i do call her that) this morning and read fat cyclist's thanksgiving post i've been thinking about what i've been grateful for this past year.

1. i am grateful i got my sanity back. i don't know where it went for a few years there, but i only recently re-obtained it. that, to me, means more than anything i could have done or received this year. that means i can finish things i need to do. thank you.

2. i am grateful to love others and be loved in return.

3. i am grateful that i have met so many new people this year and strengthened relationships with others i have known for awhile (see 1 above).

4. i am grateful for food and being able to eat it.

5. i am grateful for good beer and being able to drink it.

6. i am grateful for a place to lay my head every night.

7. i am grateful for the pleasant weather we've had this year that enables me to ride my bicis without too much fuss.

8. i am grateful to be alive.

9. i am grateful my computer still works.

10. i am grateful for healthy san francisco.

i miss my family in texas and i wish them a great holiday!

time to enjoy the quiet streets of san francisco. mwahahahahaha. ;-) (this means being in bed watching the matrix...)

"one minute you are on top of the world...

the next minute some secretary is running over your foot with a lawnmower."
--joan to don in the hospital waiting room.

Mikael over at copenhagenize has this funny post about how dangerous lawnmowers are. (but seriously, they can be.) apparently the brilliant writers over at mad men are also aware of these things (perhaps they read copenhagenize in the future), and created my all time favorite mad men episode. ever. EVER.

if it is true, and in this season each episode was to take after a different movie genre, then this one was definitely horror (by the way, i am not sure that theory holds up towards the end of the season when the plot plopped itself down in the drivers seat and said, "if any one of you dare talk, i am going to pull this car right over and smack you with the chancla and wooden spoon i've so conveniently brought along for this exact purpose. we have a destination, and this is the way we are going.").

geez, plot, chill out already. maybe you should ride a bike instead ;)

anyway, so yah, if you haven't seen the screen shots from this episode, who am i to stop you now?

that last picture is so brilliant in so many ways...

screencaps by tom & lorenzo and madmenshow.com respectively.

23 November 2009

cafe tacuba hits up oakland.

yah, they did. and they kinda brought the house down. i think the fox theater is still intact though.

lights, camera, musica.

meli and omar singin' da tunes.

some lucky sunsofbeeches got to go up on stage and jump around and sing. i bet they were floating on air the rest of the night.

this pretty much sums up the evening. the whole theater hearts CT. thanks guys ♥

until next time. better not be 5 years from now!

19 November 2009

king's crossing

there's no need for that particular title, just listening to the elliott smith song of the same title at this moment. not exactly my choice, just on shuffle. and that's the way it is.

so what do you do when yr boo that you really need to talk to but he (and his whole office) is swine flu sick, so he's been sleeping since three in the afternoon so you can't talk; and a few hours later you get the news that you need to have your left boobie looked at again? but yr not worried cause she thought it was the right one initally and both you and her official second opinion did not feel anything abnormal. you are not worried because the left one you know has had a benign cyst there for 6 years, but then she says the magical words "asymmetrical" and then yr like. um, yah. sigh. there are no words when said left boob belongs to you.


you go on a 20 mile bike ride with your friends. in the dark. in the chill. up the hill. with unknown others.

up the hillies, past the paprika colored bridge, past more hillies, look up at the stars wondering where the meteor shower was merely 18 hours earlier, through the woods, by the ocean and back again to where seeing cars and red lights and the maze of streets that seem so foreign to you even though you encounter each obstacle multiple times each and every day.

we go. drink beer. eat fried seitan (yummmmmmmmy). chat w/ the unknowns. run into girl who this one likes quite a bit from another time and place.

come home. take shower. listen to elliott smith, girl in a coma. yeah. that's i think what this one does.

and tomorrow is another day. and in 4 weeks i will have another procedure. and i do believe that is all for this muthafuckin' hump day. sleep is quite needed. for maybe a month.

17 November 2009


my partners in bici lady crime, aka adrienne and meli, asked me to contribute to their blog, change your life ride a bike instead of flooding their emails like waves of spam. ew....

so go on now. git. scoot on over yonder. i'll be right here when you come back. ;)

15 November 2009

ye olde friendes and new good times

today i hung out with some people i've known for, as the kids say, a minute. a minute in this case meaning 5 years.

today i hung out with someone that i've known for, as the kids say, a minute. a minute in this case meaning 2 years.

today i saw some people i've known for, as i dunno who says so will say in english, a couple of months.

what they all have in common is me, time and change. and change is on the horizon kiddos. ;)

so let's look at what happens with not change:

foto by meligrosa
looks like you have one sad calitexican:

let's see what happens with change:

foto by meligrosa

hmm. looking over new horizons. new waters, new winds, new rains. out with the old, in with the new. life is not static, unless you want it to be.

on a related note, the world, in case you didn't know or haven't heard, is beautiful. i saw the end of the san franciverse™ again as i rode along the golden gate bridge and the world was about to put another day in her pocket only to start a new one.

and with that, i bid you all adieu. until manana and with its sunrises all over the world, which have already begun, which will continue and will finish not long after i rise at dawn.

12 November 2009

tmi thursdays. oh, hai...

so, i rode around a lot doing theengs today...

when i got home, i wanted to make pastas con fake meat y beggies.

i cook mainly for myself cause i'm me... so tonight, i did the same. and i opened up the fridge and get out my fake meat stuff.

as i'm cutting my said meat product... my first thought was, "oh, mold grows on processed food?"

right on. so i've been asking around, and i've been asking for a tongue-in-cheek description of the "meat " in question....so this is what iiiiiisz got people:

santiago el gacho pacho or.... jaime, el ojete

so yeah, there ya go. unpuzzle it and i'll buy you 2 drinks of your choice, not over a certain amount i'll discuss in person. if you do not live in SF and do know the answer first (ahem, mama texican...) we can discuss other options. winkies.

and i'm listening to the hippie colombian musica de aterciopelados con el mr. diaz (not his real name). "thank god," he says, his head in his hands. but as such, he is now in el bloggie.


and its a buenas nachos ladies and gentemen.

11 November 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: tuesday og day.

my afternoon ride takes me through a less than favorable part of town, but only for 2 blocks. this is the time people seem to want to talk to me.

1. a crazed looking tall thin meth head on the sidewalk throwing a football up in the air. it landed in the middle of the yellow lines and i slowed down thinking it would hit me on the head. it didn't, but i was not about to take chances that this guy was going to stop doing this anytime soon. i bolted out of there quickly.

2. two DRUNK OG cholos. (they must like that area, ey.) one says, "nice bike, ey. i liked the way you decorated it. don't sell it, ok?" i smile and say, "thanks," and scoot forward. the truck next to me suddenly decides he wants to take a right and nearly (yet very slowly) right hooks me. the other cholo says, "watch out for cars, senorita."

and that's about all i have to say about that. :)

03 November 2009

dia de los muertos 2009 SF style

i forgot about trying to make it out to oakland like i have in the past. here's a little diddy about a couple of years old. i collaborated on it with my friend mika. cameo by susa. we were/are interested in the military recruitment in minority neighborhoods, and had heard that this festival was heavily represented with recruiters in 2006. we didn't see them in 2007. doesn't mean they weren't there...

in 2007 a lot of crapola happened. namely the coinciding of two large events in my life. i have always celebrated dia de los muertos, but when one loses a parent, i do believe it does take on a larger role or significance in one's life. and i don't think i was really ready to do it for real in my heart for the past 2 years until this year.

so i knew i wanted to paint my face, do the altar on my bici, make paper flowers, etc. i already showed you one face that i used on friday for critical mass

Melissa by [Zakkalicious / Mikael].
photograph by Mikael Coleville-Anderson, a total badasss

so i had to make another one.

White & plastic.

then we met up for the bike ride from the panhandle to the mission. *honeychild* took some good pics of meli, ade and myself. and some arms and hands which may or may not be hiding a certain person named declan.

pre-ride posing by *Honeychild*.
photo by *honeychild*

then *honeychild* and meli entertained a bus stop for a little bit.
IMG_7364 by *Honeychild*.
photo by random on *honeychild*'s camera

mother, faces and son's face.
IMG_7378 by *Honeychild*.
photo by *honeychild*

heard lots of michael jackson, but as adrienne noted, we didn't see one farrah altar. since the procession was huge, i'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. also, what about patrick swazye? and john hughes, and the rest of those lost in the summer of death (coined by micheal k of dlisted)...

to see lots and lots more pics, please go here. i can't keep up! i suspect there will be more tomorrow and the day after, etc.

there were lots of people. lots of cops behind us blowing their motorcycle exhaust on us. coughcough.

then pupusas, bikey home, and then beddy time. and that was the end of monday. phew. but in a good way.

lots of bikes, baskets, bikey friends, bikey good times, good memories from this weekend. it's officially going down as a winner. blue ribbon. gold star. heartheart.

sunday, what a day

so, sunday happened. that was an eventful day. time change! extra hour to sleep in, right? wrong.

so i finally drag the boo to eat brunch. he wanted to go to this hipster diner that he thought would not be overrun with them. wrong.

so we go to a mexican place (yessss....chilaquiles are my weakness), and sit in the window. as we are sitting there, we see a latina mom and daughter combo roll up on bikes and park right in front of us. they then come inside.

here are their bikes.

Missing flag

seeing them made me happy. and made me think accessibility is only as difficult as we make it. more on that later.

then the boo and i walked to big box central to price some things. our ultimate destination was another corporate store for this soap the boo absolutely goes nuts over.

one, two, skip a few..., 99, 100!

now it's sunday night, can't sleep. oh look at that, it's 3am, that really means it's 4 in my head. i still haven't done my altar. shit. not gonna have enough time tomorrow. but hey, at least we got the super cute drawing of meli's to show around for our bike ride on monday. oh wait that's today.

and the sun shines brightly through my window like a technicolor 60s film at 6am.

flower power saturday

so in anticipation of day of the dead, i knew i had to churn out some paper flowers for my bici. it was part of my altar.

i've made paper flowers at least once a year for as long as i can remember, and i totally make them en masse. i have tissue paper left over from years before, so it's kinda cool to mix up the colors & pipe cleaners.

so this is what i had on friday night:

De colores...

a good beginning but not quite done yet.

i went over to punchy's at the dolores HQ for the sidewalk bbq halloween edition. i find the two rambunctious kiddos that belong to the neighborhood. the sentiment "it takes a village" definitely applies to these two.

so i walk in with a mission to make a bunch of flowers outside while at the bbq, but the kiddos were running around and saying city kid things, so i got them around me and asked them if they wanted to learn. the girl, who was dressed as a pretty ballerina princess with pretty incredible face paint, immediately got to work. her little first grade fingers kinda stumbled, but she liked it a lot.

then the boy, R, a 2nd grader with the mouth of a 7th grader, sat down and wanted to learn too. i told them he could either wear them (yaaah, riiiiight) or give them to his mom, grandma, aunt, etc. he said ok. score, i win!

Flowers on our bikes...

(change your life, ride a trike...)

then the bbq happened. some things happened during it we'd rather forget, but chalk it up to another bbq in our pocket.

i still wasn't done with my bici basket, but i waited until later that night. the boo and i had a nice dinner, people watched, took pics.

Calacas. Flowers. Blue.

then we went home (before i was ready to i think...), and i sat and made flowers for probably like 3 hours straight. i then came out with color saturated flowers that i could be ok with for my altar. phew, that was a few hours more of my weekend. and we're only at the end of saturday.

Festive flowers

(soon after i parked my bike here, this bike messenger asked me, "are you normally this festive, or is it halloween leftovers?" i replied, "it's for day of the dead." the bike messenger nodded, "oh yeah!." cool monday morning interaction.)

lots of bicis and calacas = heavenly friday

bicis and skulls are two of my favorite things. this past weekend was chock full of both.

friday was critical mass, SF halloween edition. i know critical mass is controversial, i completely see both sides of the argument. the high schooler in me is all, yah, let's fuck shit up!! we are traffic!! the adult (yes, i think there's one in there somewhere) in me thinks there are more productive things to do in order to increase awareness.

either way, i do believe dottie said it best, "but I love [critical mass] as a big ball of bikey happiness."

so i went, didn't have time to put together the costume i wanted. so, i had some face paint lying around in anticipation of dia de los muertos, so i put on my calaca face.

Calaca. Me.

then i hopped on bici, paper flowers attached. along the way i tried to recruit some peeps who turned out to be out of town or just had their bike recently stolen (again....). so i just went thinking i might see people i know. and i did. and tons of people i didn't know.

like the bay bridge, complete with fallen cables:

The bay bridge.

mary poppins:

Mary Poppins.

and wonder woman:
Wonder mixte

then i found some people i did know:

Silver. Argyle. LMG.

and then later adrienne and the rest of the clan chan minus the bday boy. and adrienne was showing mikael from copenhagen cycle chic and copenhagenize around the city. he was in san francisco to give a talk that i will discuss in a post soon.

we all agreed there was too many people, too many crazy things were going on around us, so we broke off early from the group and decided to go eat in the mission. meli and KT met up with us to eat. nomnomnom.

we went to go eat ethiopian

Bike. Beer.

mikael passed out the i bike CPH (copenhagen) pins to all of us. isn't it adorable? cute marketing works.

then we went for a drink at this bar that has mariachis in the mission. yes, that ONE bar.

then we stayed out even later, then it was time to ride home.

and just thinking about friday has me exhausted...phew. but then there's saturday and sunday and monday. this weekend was like a 4 day weekend without the 2 days off of work.

02 November 2009

Dos de November: dia de los muertos bike ride...

Dos de November
Originally uploaded by meligrosa
reposted from meligrosa:

••• For Dia de Los Muertos (pre-procession) Ride. •••
♥ You are invited, amigos. Details:
Monday, November 2nd
Meet at panhandle (statue at Baker st. /fell&oak) Between 5-6.
Plan on riding towards the procession (at 24th-Bryant) starting from the statue at 6:00 PM

Bring your Mexican dresses, skulls, bike shrines, trinkets and happy calaca spirits and be ready to shake your skeleton to the sound of your bike wheels ;)

We'll be there. We'll be a small ride, but definetly fun.
Bikes And The City »
Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! »
• Calitexican »
• ____add your name at the comments - we'd love to have you!!

29 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition, ey?

1. while approaching 7th and market, an OG cholo with the ponytail and rubber bands all down the tail part said and nodded to me, "one less car, ey?" i was sort of stunned, that i just nodded with the hipster che hat and aviators, looking a lil CHiPs firme myself. he says, "thasss right," and crosses the street. i stare at his ponytail wondering if that just happened.

2. while still processing the above, an even older OG cholo steps out into the street while looking behind him. i almost ran right into him. watcha pendejo.

3. a jumper on 17th and valencia closed off valencia for 7 hours. i was like, wtf is going on here? what a mess. i believe the jumper was talked down.

4. at 19th and valencia, just two blocks and down the street: shooting for that new NBC show, trauma. did it get just a little meta in here guys, or is it just me?

5. my mind processing the cholo incidents, the real life trauma and the fake life trauma on the way to the boo's. i even said, "that was so fucking meta."

6. the cough of perpetual insistence TM is sort of subsiding. no extreme coughing fit due to riding bici. yay.

7. feeling the first slight SF chill of fall. brrrrr.

and life goes on. have a great ride everyone!

26 October 2009

tandem with duby

in thinking about whether or not to participate in the upcoming halloween edition of critical mass, i realized i forgot to post about last month!!

my bike riding buddy duby moved down south into the vortex of southern california, which seems to suck most of my friends into it with its alluring tractor beams of opportunity, space, and warm weather, among other things. before he did that though, we decided to ride one last critical mass. on a tandem bike.

we thought it was fitting since we had talked about renting one and riding it around before he left. neither of us had ridden one before, and we got a little taste of riding multi-person biking while riding around the fun cycle from the mission to fisherman's wharf after one of the sunday streets that happened in the mission.

picty by duby

so, here's the tandem we rented:

we were more than a little unsteady at the beginning of the ride, but we adjusted quickly. fast learning curve. we realized we just needed more momentum than just practing riding in circles in justin herman plaza.

once we found our footing, we were offfffff!

here we are on the tandem around fisherman's wharf. duby is in his pajama costume. i'm not cause i forgot we were supposed to dress up.


we counted 3 other tandems out there. we also got a lot of smiles and comments. this guy was particularly friendly, and man, look at that belt.

we had a good time, and ended the evening with some bad ass pizza in glen park. nomnom.

here's a couple of pics that meli took of both duby's and my first critical mass. that day was also the first time we met meli...while she was on a tandem. :)

vulcan by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

2ble panda by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

here's to enjoying the sunshine, being outside and having bikes be the best medicine for happiness & a great way to make friends.

so, i miss riding bikes with you duby! hopefully we can do so again soon.

25 October 2009

girl in a coma

friday was a gorgeous day here in san francisco. the sun was shining, throwing prisms off the skyscrapers in soma. there were so many after work activities that i was getting really antsy waiting for the cattle call to be over so i could throw myself into the action. and that's just what i did.

i had a little too much on my plate as that i wanted to see a couple of friends and go to a pumpkin carving fiesta before seeing girl in a coma. i didn't get to do all that.

so punchy and i ended up going to cafe du nord to see the ladies. we, ok, I was more than a little buzzed when we got to the show. we found seats near the end of the bar. then i feel a tap on my shoulder. it's this fanboy and he asked me to take a picture of him and nina diaz. i was surprised at how leeeetle she is. she's so adorable i just want to fold her up and put her in my pocket. or bike basket.

then i conducted this extremly important and very long interview with her:
me: hey, i'm a fan, i'm from texas and i have lots of family in san antonio. where are you guys from?
nina: uh, hi. we're from the north side.
me: oh really? that's great. ok, bye!

and i turned back around and resume whatever important conversation i was having with punchy.

i took a few pics from the show. i was surprised the iphone got a few decent shots in there considering the lighting conditions.

what a doll

las seesters diaz.

get your rock on chicas!

a quiet moment.

those girls can put on a good show. punchy agreed, and he'd never heard them before. score!

peace out y'all.