20 December 2008


Trying to send pics from phone to blog.

[updated] i guess it worked. nice. this is the beginning of the hat i'm making for the boo's family's baby. i shall call her baby A from now on. anyway, i wish the iphone had a better lens b/c it does not quite capture how friggin cute this hat is.

a note about knitting. the BIG ex taught me how to knit. i haven't been knitting for the past few years, quite possibly because of the memories, and also because i don't live in nyc anymore and it's just not ever that cold to constantly churn out more product.

while picking it up again, i realized something simple. knitting makes me calm. as the biking has unfortunately been set aside because the rain falls like needles piercing my face, at least i can fall back on these wooden needles to make me feel what some may call "normal." but i prefer to call it a rare moment of non-anxious, non-low feeling of steady. if you get what i mean, then good for you. if you don't, well, that's simply the best way i can describe it.

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