20 December 2008


Trying to send pics from phone to blog.

[updated] i guess it worked. nice. this is the beginning of the hat i'm making for the boo's family's baby. i shall call her baby A from now on. anyway, i wish the iphone had a better lens b/c it does not quite capture how friggin cute this hat is.

a note about knitting. the BIG ex taught me how to knit. i haven't been knitting for the past few years, quite possibly because of the memories, and also because i don't live in nyc anymore and it's just not ever that cold to constantly churn out more product.

while picking it up again, i realized something simple. knitting makes me calm. as the biking has unfortunately been set aside because the rain falls like needles piercing my face, at least i can fall back on these wooden needles to make me feel what some may call "normal." but i prefer to call it a rare moment of non-anxious, non-low feeling of steady. if you get what i mean, then good for you. if you don't, well, that's simply the best way i can describe it.

15 December 2008

what's love got to do, got to do with it?

a lot apparently. yesterday i was hanging out with the boo, el macho. we had done a lot of errands like buying his family gifts, and i was looking our for things to make for presents. all of this was during the downpour that more likely than not has started the california rainy season.

we settled in for the night and were excited with our wrapping presents, wine, football, and two movies we had in the dvd player. i had also promised him a back masasage since his work moved offices and "forgot"/"didn't" hire any helpers. while giving him the massage, i saw a thing that i didn't necessarily want to ever see in my life. however, i saw it, was pretty disgusted, shook my head, and then continued on with the massage. i wish i could say what it was, but i'll just have to leave it at that for the gentle eyes of my readers. believe me, if you knew it, you will also think that you could go on living the rest of your life without knowing what i saw.

anyway. so i guess, ms. turner, love does have a lot to do with it, it turns out. and a few hours ago as we both blinked at each other through crusty morning eyes, i looked past the imperfections, saw his pretty brown eyes, blinked back, and said "i love you."

10 December 2008

prezzie prezzies

so tis that time, right? so the boo, el macho, comes from a family. yeah, most of us do (i am fully aware some of us don't) and i think we are all grateful for that whether or not we realize it. i happen to be grateful for my familia since some of mine are now gone. sometimes i can't express that though. that's just because i don't like to talk much. but that's another subject for another post.

anyway, his family has a baby. yeah, most latino families do, right? so, the baby is about 8 months old. question is...do i make her a blankey or a hat? i have enough (read: A LOT of) yarn for a pretty blankey. i def have enough yarn for a hat. maybe i'll make both. we'll see. i haven't knitted in awhile. however, times a tickin'...

am searching the databases as we speak...

speaking of databases and familias, i'm looking online in the texas databases for granmma texican and the like. yay for free, and then yay for the best catalog for texas genalogy of which i'll have the fortunate opportunity to search in a couple of weeks.

03 December 2008

I just can't help myself

but damn, these kiddos are just too cuuuuuute! and they love to sleep.

01 December 2008

newish video

on a completely unrelated note, it's nice to be back on land and out of an airport.


Testing. Downloaded new app from app store. Possible to blog from phone without it crashing my mobile safari? That would be nice...

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