08 November 2008


just wow. this has been a really crazy week. we've created meaningful history in both the best sense and the worst.

obviously, you may have heard by now that barack obama is now president-elect of the united states. there was not a dry eye in SF and that includes my boo, el macho.

here's a cute video of three blocks north from where i celebrating myself:

no snark, just pure joy.

and then california voters decided that the rights of animals and teenagers were more important than gay marriage. yes, all are important. ALL are. i've talked so much about this subject this past week, i've read a lot about it online, i've read the writ petition, i've been angry, i've cried, and i just don't know what else to add to the discussion at the moment. i'm exhausted. mentally and physically.

yesterday i briefly attended the march. i got overwhelmed with emotion, i was crying and walking in the streets.

this weekend it's time to rest. revel in our global victory, revolt in the hate that voters approved (if only narrowly).

i'll end on this note. i sent an email to my mom on 11/3/08. i had just gotten off an election protection night shift, and i was too excited to sleep. i had another election protection shift at 5:30am, so i really needed to sleep. visions of democracy were bouncing around in my head...i grabbed my iphone and typed out the email. forgive the typos, but they are staying:

"I know it sounds cheesy, but I can't sleep because I'm so excited for tomorrow in our great nation's history. I feel like I'm witnessing, living and changing history that will be remembered for decades to come. Even if something awful happens and the democrats don't win and prop 8 passes, I know I could not have done more to help try to become the change that in which I believe. I will be able to sleep at night both satisfied with my efforts and fired up to become the change we all so desperately need.

"As I'm phone banking and manning hotlines, waiting in line to vote, I can hear the voices and indeed actual stories of people who never before believed they had a voice or that their vote mattered. In line to vote there was a black man yr age that had never voted before. Tonight I heard the story of an early election ballot go haywire to him finally voting, only then to have the clerk confess to the voter that his county is allowed a 1% attrition rate. Phone banking helped me realized that people may agree with a cause, but that the proposition as written is so counter-intuitive that it can mess up even the best of intentions.

"I often laugh at the phrase "this is a really critical time" in part because life always is and when you say that, it only dilutes the message you wish to send. But right now really is a critical time. We are at wars for causes that are both tangible and intangible. We are simultaneously experiencing the worst economic crisis of my relatively short lifetime. We in California can set the stage for what is undoubtably the inevitsble next civil rights challenge. We can try to steer the boat around tomorrow. And I'm glad I can do what i can to help.

"I may not agree with the pro prop 8 people, but I also think it's foolish for people to take their signs away. That really disturbs me. But first amendment rights we can discuss on the 5th. Tomorrow is all about elction rights and protection. Even for those republicans and homophobic people.

And on that note, good night :)"

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