19 November 2008

the indignity of commuting by bike: people steal things

so i haven't owned a car in about 10 years. thanks to living in highly dense urban areas in those 10 years, i haven't needed one. i've had a bike for about 8 of those 10 years. while living in brooklyn, the bike was great. i didn't use it to commute to the city, but the SO and i would take ours out on excursions to coney island, upper west side, lower east side, williamsburg, park slope, prospect park loop, central park loop, bars, etc. i think you get the idea. anyway, it was living in SF where i decided to start using the bike as my mode of getting to work because, goddamn(!!), the MUNI sucks mad culo when compared to the subway. and even so, the subway is not all that efficient. since i'm not in nyc at the moment, that's not really my problem. ennnywayse....

so my bike is my "car." i hate to use that word in connection with such a clean way of getting around. and like when people get shit stolen from their car, i got mad/felt a little violated when someone stole my bike light the other night while bici was relaxing outside after a long park in a garage somewhere in the the SF financial district. i usually take my bike light off, but i think i got spoiled by parking in a garage full of office cube types who have their own bike light/can afford to buy their own/are easily traceable due to their obsessive commuting. so, i haven't had to worry about it for the past few months. and due to the time change, i really need that damn light when i go home. cause it's dark, i'm brown, i like to wear black and i want drivers to see me.

so i had to get another light. and i did. and i have to say, knog must know what it's like to be an urban commuter.

when i got my first bike light for bici, i had to have the boo, el macho, put it on bici. my handlebars must be thinner than the standard one (to accommodate my little girly hands) and i had trouble putting it on myself. so the 1/2 girl in me batted my eyelashes and jussslikethat, i had a bike light mount securely on my handlebars.

but this time, i decided i wanted to be a little more self sufficient, so i went to a LBS (not my usual one, but one nonetheless), and looked around a bit. i really did like my first bike light and i'm reluctant to accept change in general, so i was more than a little perturbed to find that my bike light was not in stock and would take a week to get in. nope. i was already riding in the dark for a week, and that was a little scary to me. so, i took a deep breath and looked around. to my pleasant surprise, i found a bike light that cost a little bit more than my old one, BUT, i can take it off everyday very easily and it doesn't slip on the handlebars. wanna see it? here it is. i'm sure you can guess the color by the description of myself earlier in the post.

i already have a benign hipster cyst on my seat post (in pink, just for fun), so i was familiar with the brand and the easy to use quality it entails. i never take that light off the back, but it also is cheap compared to the front headlight. but since they are pretty ubiquitous, and even the most hard up bike thief living in SF can probably find 10 bucks in their crusty old pockets.

so yeah, what did i do today on the light's maiden voyage to the aforementioned financial district garage? yup. i left it on bici. i went during lunch to retrieve it, and it was there. phew. you better believe i won't forget it from now on.

and yes, i totally shamelessly stole the title from bike snob. he's a clever one (btw, the generanalyzer thinks he's a she). i have no idea why since his tone seems like quite the male. but there ya go. whatever.

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