11 November 2008

finally! california speaks well about texas... i am in (ess)shock

indeed, as i've long known (since i was able to put together a coherent sentence), texas is not a pure red state. too bad the results from many an election and laws currently enacted prove otherwise. but, really, what do they prove? that old conservative white men, and recently, white women were/are in power? are you really surprised by that? that they were the majority and wrote laws to protect themselves? again, are you really surprised by that? well, as i've again long known being born to a tejana of at least two generations and a tejano of possibly three, we're rising. and for once, we think our voice can actually matter. its written in our spiritual history; it was bound to happen.

and finally! someone from california has the insight NOT to just spew rhetoric about texas they've heard, seen and studied. but have never visited. and that is crucial in talking about something you "know" about. just like californians surprised the US by voting for prop 8, i wasn't surprised. just because we may have two of the most liberal cities in the US within the border, we also have a large voice that goes largely unheard or ignored. and the EXACT flipside is true for texas. besides, it's more fun to make fun of texas, right? or because it's more socially acceptable not to question california's status of a fertile breeding ground for all things progressive.

so i strongly applaud you LA times for writing this story.

even the nytimes has some sort of similar story. you just have to dig at it a bit. i took a picture of the nytimes map that shows how the elctorate differed from 4 years ago. they made it very simple, if you voted more blue, the deeper the hue. if you notice, most of the US voted bluer. and texas...well, i'll let the picture speak for itself. (when i put it up that is...it's at home and i am not.)

true results and reform is just on the horizon. i can feel it. and it makes me feel like a teenager anew with hope and possibilty that my home state can overcome prejudices far and wide to truly reflect what goes on inside its borders. of course it's not all fairy tales and lollipops in texas. but it is better than what most people i've talked to on the east and west coasts think. it really is. just visit it and you'll see. i promise. shit, even i was surprised. san antonio went blue. like on the actual day. such a strong military town went blue? even my prejudices were tested. i'm a fan of breaking down preconceived notions. and i'm proud to say i'm from texas. always was, always will be.

living in california right now though...i'm disappointed. yup, i am.

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