14 November 2008

ew. prop 8 is getting pretty ugly...

ok, now we all know i'm pretty vehemently AGAINST prop 8. and i'm actually pretty much against marriage too. but who am i to say that two people can't get divorced if they want to?

keith oberman had some nice comments to say about prop 8 passing. namely that he can't believe it passed.

then i read this sensational headline in the LA times today. ugh: "L.A. Mormon temple closed after a suspicious envelope arrives in mail." are you fucking kidding me?! i'm cynical enough tto believe in two scenarios. both involve stupid people doing stupid things. one, the more "obvious" one is that some angry anti-prop 8 person did this. the second, and i believe more plausible explaination is that someone took advantage of the situation of it being trendy to kinda really hate the mormon church at the moment and decided to bring some attention their way. ugh. grow. the. fuck. up. moving on...

now this is something i can get behind. people are now protesting and boycotting establishments whose owners supported prop 8. in order to donate, you have to put down your occupation, name, and other identifying information. if you felt strongly enough to donate to support prop 8, then i also strongly feel that you should be prepared to deal with the consequences. maybe it's because the texican taught me that at a young age by boycotting grapes. new era, new cause, same tactics. money talks as they say. and i bet it even screams louder now that the economy is going to shit.

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