08 October 2008

wha happen

yeah people. what's going on today? i don't feel like writing, and the world outside my brain seems to be going to hell. that is, whenever i check out of the brain that's what it feels like.

and, as if you are, like, surprised or something, the global electoral college has voted. and guess who won? maybe we should split up the US into four countries. each coast be one, so that's two. the inbetween states and then....texas. we like to be our own thing, thank you very much.

and this also caught my eye. the national debt clock ran out of digits. interesting. but whose fault is it really? it would be popular to just blame the bush administration, but even they could not fuck up things this bad. certainly they did not help at all, AT ALL. as an avid reader of history, it just seems that things in life, no matter what, ebb and flow, go up and down. it's a few generations after the great depression, maybe it's just the natural flow of things. testing theories, getting greedy, facing consequences. we're acting like little kids, or early twenty-somethings freed from parental rules and regulations. and now we've all been sent to time out.

and as i'm thinking this, lookie here, why gollee, the nytimes agrees with me. except they can tell you the financial history, whereas i can't. they've even given it a cute, yet foreboding name: the reckoning.

remember back in the day greenspan was hailed as this great intellectual and that everyone wanted to be a fly on the wall when he and clinton got together? well, maybe that's even more true now. clinton was a big fan of his deregulation. a precious gem tucked neatly away on the second page of the article? "mr. greenspan declined requests for an interview."

also, now that myself, my potential kin and their potential kin are in debt way past our inherited 60 inch frame, cindy sheehan now has some momentum in her campaign. but it's not for what she's done, but rather what nancy pelosi is the poster child for. ugh. $700 billion dollars is all it takes for us to become socialists for capitalists only? i'm sorry, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

and as i am in debt past my future generation's 120 inches, i decided to volunteer to vote NO on prop 8. if you are in better financial status that me and my eggs, pleasepleaseplease DONATE to the cause. why should we let a bunch of religious people who don't really even live in california tell us what to do? we've (my eggs and i) been fighting against people telling us what to do ever since we left the womb. sometimes that works in our favor, sometimes not. i just don't get the big deal about letting people who want to get married get effin' married already. ugh. if they aren't bothering you, why do you care?

eh, don't feel like getting into a long conversation with myself about it. i'll leave that to you.

good night, and here's to a better tomorrow.

oh yeah, and AIG, give us our money back please. thank you.

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