28 October 2008

texas, interrupted

it looks like even texas is greatly divided in the presidential election. my great home state seems to have strayed from its generally blindingly loyalty to the republicans and have done something rather strange. many of the major newspapers are endorsing obama. don't get me wrong, it seems they mostly are still endorsing mccain, but it's rather closer than one would think.

this info is from a blog from the houston chronicle:

SEVEN are endorsing obama:
  • Austin American-Statesman
  • The Eagle (Bryan-College Station)
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Longview News-Journal
  • The Lufkin Daily News
  • San Angelo Standard-Times

eleven are for mccain:

  • Amarillo Globe-News
  • Beaumont Enterprise
  • Corpus Christi Caller-Times
  • Dallas Morning News
  • The Galveston County Daily News
  • Kerrville Daily Times
  • The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
  • New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung
  • San Antonio Express-News
  • Times Record News (Wichita Falls)
  • Tyler Morning Telegraph

two are undecided:

  • Abilene Reporter-News
  • Waco Tribune Herald

i'm really shocked about the fort worth endorsement. that is a red county in a red state. home of the rodeo and many vaqueros & cowboys. not as wealthy as dallas...etc, etc. i heard one of the members of the editorial board on npr while i was at work today, and i was pleasantly surprised. i was even more surprised when the radio show host asked the editors of the new endorsements if their endorsements were pro-candidate or anti-candidate. the fort worth editor said it was definitely a pro-obama vote and not anti-mccain.

hmm, very interesting. i know it's not going to change how texas votes overall, but it does give me hope that even the red state of red states is questioning what is the best choice for this country, even if that choice goes against the long-standing tradition of voting republican. so then maybe those in the swing states who traditionally are barely republican will start to swing the pendulum the other way.

and in other good news, i finally got my voter information in the mail. i was starting to get worried despite the fact that i had turned in my updated voter registration information about a month ago, well ahead of the deadline. how ironic it would be that i'm volunteering for election protection, and this person wouldn't even be able to vote. thankfully, that is no longer the case and i can get trained tonight knowing i don't have to worry about myself. i too have the right, and now the means, to vote. tonight is hotline training. i will be sitting for an actual shift on saturday after halloween. i wish i had thought of this before, but prop 8 is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime campaign, and voter protection issues unfortunately will be with us for every foreseeable election. lots of time in the future to help out. and depending on the below, i will be signing up again for probably the 3rd and the 4th EARLY in the morning.

i did sign up to see if the obama campaign will send me out to swing states to monitor polling places. it may be too late to join the "world's biggest law firm," (if only for a day), but i can certainly try. we all know they have lots and lots of money to send people out. let's see if i can squeeze in.

if not, never fear, i will be (wo?)manning the phones. the director of the nonpartisan election protection was also on npr today. they also managed to make it into the city blogs over on the nytimes this morning. of course i can't find the article now. grrrrrrr. and they have been in the paper in the recent past apparently.

it did occur to me on my own that maybe working with a nonpartisan organization is the best way to affect change. i highly respect the lawyers committee for civil rights, and once i saw these two orgs were affiliated, i knew that this is where i had to be. i start my training in less than an hour. i'm excited and nervous at the same time. more excited than nervous though :)

btw, the number is 866-OUR-VOTE or 866-687-8683.

sit tight, and i'll share the news i get tonight.


Siel said...

Thanks for putting together this informative post! Crossing my fingers for Texas (while sitting in Cali) --


thanks! i know we didn't vote blue, but we definitely made huge gains in changing preconceived notions. the newspaper endorsements were just the beginning in officially documenting the change within the borders. and to think, newspapers tend to be conservative in reflecting history, right? well, at least i think that way :)