08 October 2008


now for something much less serious.

this makes me smile. my dream bike. MIXTE! fine tuned. new. shiny. cork. pretty. color. only improvement i would make: single speed. ok, and put on wood fenders and a rack. dreeeeeeemeeeeee. :)

and, um, seeing tim gunn on a tandem bike on project runway was awesome. :) yay tim! he looked like he was having so much fun.

and my bici got a much needed, 4-yr-in-the-making tune up. and bath! bonita! feels like a whole new bike. going over potholes, while never pleasant, is now much much more bearable. and the brakes? um, so much SAFER than what i was rolling with before. sheesh. :) no more loose headset. no rattling on the bike. makes me wonder why i didn't notice that was a bad sound in the first place. and b/c i was riding on a better bike that i had been familiar with, let's just say i finally started smoking people up on the steep hills. left them in my dust. it was nice. must be said. and w/ minimal effort. go me.

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