22 October 2008

marching on castro

today i volunteered at no on 8. it's a rather warm day here in the yay, and there was lots of body heat going on upstairs in the no on 8 HQ. so, towards the end of our shift, one staff person rang a bell repeatedly, and somehow got all the noise to cease a bit. she ordered us to get UP, get out of our chairs, grab some posters, stickers, etc, and go outside.

we just happened to be in probably the best neighborhood in the country for supporting the cause. we went on, as i like to call it, the happiest protest ever. everyone was smiling, chanting, putting stickers on people on the sidewalks, giving people signs, causing minor traffic snarls. but the cars didn't mind. they were honking, encouraging us, and it was great.

as great as that was, i know that we were preaching to the choir so to speak. the people we needed to be talking to are out there, eating & watching tv, oblivious to us and our cause. we need to talk to them. even the wall street journal is talking about how we're falling behind.

anyway, the walk in the rarely muggy SF air gave us all the last little pep we needed. we returned to our seats, energized, talking about the chants and how good it felt to be here and to be accepted. we had lots of cheers from the restaurants, clubs and people walking around.

people were filming it, but they weren't "the" media. i wonder if it will go in some sort of online scrapbook? we'll see. i'm famous! ha, ok, not at all.

NO on 8...spread the word. oh, and donate water if you can. kthxbai.

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