28 October 2008

texas, interrupted

it looks like even texas is greatly divided in the presidential election. my great home state seems to have strayed from its generally blindingly loyalty to the republicans and have done something rather strange. many of the major newspapers are endorsing obama. don't get me wrong, it seems they mostly are still endorsing mccain, but it's rather closer than one would think.

this info is from a blog from the houston chronicle:

SEVEN are endorsing obama:
  • Austin American-Statesman
  • The Eagle (Bryan-College Station)
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Longview News-Journal
  • The Lufkin Daily News
  • San Angelo Standard-Times

eleven are for mccain:

  • Amarillo Globe-News
  • Beaumont Enterprise
  • Corpus Christi Caller-Times
  • Dallas Morning News
  • The Galveston County Daily News
  • Kerrville Daily Times
  • The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
  • New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung
  • San Antonio Express-News
  • Times Record News (Wichita Falls)
  • Tyler Morning Telegraph

two are undecided:

  • Abilene Reporter-News
  • Waco Tribune Herald

i'm really shocked about the fort worth endorsement. that is a red county in a red state. home of the rodeo and many vaqueros & cowboys. not as wealthy as dallas...etc, etc. i heard one of the members of the editorial board on npr while i was at work today, and i was pleasantly surprised. i was even more surprised when the radio show host asked the editors of the new endorsements if their endorsements were pro-candidate or anti-candidate. the fort worth editor said it was definitely a pro-obama vote and not anti-mccain.

hmm, very interesting. i know it's not going to change how texas votes overall, but it does give me hope that even the red state of red states is questioning what is the best choice for this country, even if that choice goes against the long-standing tradition of voting republican. so then maybe those in the swing states who traditionally are barely republican will start to swing the pendulum the other way.

and in other good news, i finally got my voter information in the mail. i was starting to get worried despite the fact that i had turned in my updated voter registration information about a month ago, well ahead of the deadline. how ironic it would be that i'm volunteering for election protection, and this person wouldn't even be able to vote. thankfully, that is no longer the case and i can get trained tonight knowing i don't have to worry about myself. i too have the right, and now the means, to vote. tonight is hotline training. i will be sitting for an actual shift on saturday after halloween. i wish i had thought of this before, but prop 8 is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime campaign, and voter protection issues unfortunately will be with us for every foreseeable election. lots of time in the future to help out. and depending on the below, i will be signing up again for probably the 3rd and the 4th EARLY in the morning.

i did sign up to see if the obama campaign will send me out to swing states to monitor polling places. it may be too late to join the "world's biggest law firm," (if only for a day), but i can certainly try. we all know they have lots and lots of money to send people out. let's see if i can squeeze in.

if not, never fear, i will be (wo?)manning the phones. the director of the nonpartisan election protection was also on npr today. they also managed to make it into the city blogs over on the nytimes this morning. of course i can't find the article now. grrrrrrr. and they have been in the paper in the recent past apparently.

it did occur to me on my own that maybe working with a nonpartisan organization is the best way to affect change. i highly respect the lawyers committee for civil rights, and once i saw these two orgs were affiliated, i knew that this is where i had to be. i start my training in less than an hour. i'm excited and nervous at the same time. more excited than nervous though :)

btw, the number is 866-OUR-VOTE or 866-687-8683.

sit tight, and i'll share the news i get tonight.

23 October 2008

the world is starting to turn...

ok, so i agree that bloomberg has been a very respectable mayor as far as thankless jobs go. from my lowly seat over here in norcal, i see positive things he's done. but a third term? even i think that's something which to abhor.

i'll elaborate in a bit, but now have some tejas familia to hug.

tsk,tsk. it's not like he's FDR or something. just a billionaire. who seems nice enough.

22 October 2008

marching on castro

today i volunteered at no on 8. it's a rather warm day here in the yay, and there was lots of body heat going on upstairs in the no on 8 HQ. so, towards the end of our shift, one staff person rang a bell repeatedly, and somehow got all the noise to cease a bit. she ordered us to get UP, get out of our chairs, grab some posters, stickers, etc, and go outside.

we just happened to be in probably the best neighborhood in the country for supporting the cause. we went on, as i like to call it, the happiest protest ever. everyone was smiling, chanting, putting stickers on people on the sidewalks, giving people signs, causing minor traffic snarls. but the cars didn't mind. they were honking, encouraging us, and it was great.

as great as that was, i know that we were preaching to the choir so to speak. the people we needed to be talking to are out there, eating & watching tv, oblivious to us and our cause. we need to talk to them. even the wall street journal is talking about how we're falling behind.

anyway, the walk in the rarely muggy SF air gave us all the last little pep we needed. we returned to our seats, energized, talking about the chants and how good it felt to be here and to be accepted. we had lots of cheers from the restaurants, clubs and people walking around.

people were filming it, but they weren't "the" media. i wonder if it will go in some sort of online scrapbook? we'll see. i'm famous! ha, ok, not at all.

NO on 8...spread the word. oh, and donate water if you can. kthxbai.

18 October 2008

death proof

oh my god. i think i've spoken about my love of death proof before. but man, this movie is great. zoe bell. have a great friend crush on her. and...she's wearing black chucks in the movie too. those are quite possibly the best shoes ever invented.

will discuss more later. off to here.

16 October 2008

latino leaders speak out on NO for 8

this press conference took place in east LA. yay. :) to quote monica garcia, "familia is familia."

14 October 2008

how to buy a bike with pilar and dorothy

this is a cute little series of videos i found from the siteLA artists in residence. i have talked about my friend crush on pilar before, and now its only intensified as she goes bike shopping. :)

the videos are super basic as she's looking for her first bike ever, but of course, very useful in breaking down what can be an overwhelming set of choices. dorothy is the bike advocate in residence for siteLA and guides pilar through the process.

now only if they could do a series of videos of trying to buy a used mixte from craigslist....

here they are, there are 3, and i think the final one has yet to be posted on their page. oh, and pilar's song that i'm nuts about is the soundtrack to the videos.

13 October 2008

08 October 2008


now for something much less serious.

this makes me smile. my dream bike. MIXTE! fine tuned. new. shiny. cork. pretty. color. only improvement i would make: single speed. ok, and put on wood fenders and a rack. dreeeeeeemeeeeee. :)

and, um, seeing tim gunn on a tandem bike on project runway was awesome. :) yay tim! he looked like he was having so much fun.

and my bici got a much needed, 4-yr-in-the-making tune up. and bath! bonita! feels like a whole new bike. going over potholes, while never pleasant, is now much much more bearable. and the brakes? um, so much SAFER than what i was rolling with before. sheesh. :) no more loose headset. no rattling on the bike. makes me wonder why i didn't notice that was a bad sound in the first place. and b/c i was riding on a better bike that i had been familiar with, let's just say i finally started smoking people up on the steep hills. left them in my dust. it was nice. must be said. and w/ minimal effort. go me.

wha happen

yeah people. what's going on today? i don't feel like writing, and the world outside my brain seems to be going to hell. that is, whenever i check out of the brain that's what it feels like.

and, as if you are, like, surprised or something, the global electoral college has voted. and guess who won? maybe we should split up the US into four countries. each coast be one, so that's two. the inbetween states and then....texas. we like to be our own thing, thank you very much.

and this also caught my eye. the national debt clock ran out of digits. interesting. but whose fault is it really? it would be popular to just blame the bush administration, but even they could not fuck up things this bad. certainly they did not help at all, AT ALL. as an avid reader of history, it just seems that things in life, no matter what, ebb and flow, go up and down. it's a few generations after the great depression, maybe it's just the natural flow of things. testing theories, getting greedy, facing consequences. we're acting like little kids, or early twenty-somethings freed from parental rules and regulations. and now we've all been sent to time out.

and as i'm thinking this, lookie here, why gollee, the nytimes agrees with me. except they can tell you the financial history, whereas i can't. they've even given it a cute, yet foreboding name: the reckoning.

remember back in the day greenspan was hailed as this great intellectual and that everyone wanted to be a fly on the wall when he and clinton got together? well, maybe that's even more true now. clinton was a big fan of his deregulation. a precious gem tucked neatly away on the second page of the article? "mr. greenspan declined requests for an interview."

also, now that myself, my potential kin and their potential kin are in debt way past our inherited 60 inch frame, cindy sheehan now has some momentum in her campaign. but it's not for what she's done, but rather what nancy pelosi is the poster child for. ugh. $700 billion dollars is all it takes for us to become socialists for capitalists only? i'm sorry, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

and as i am in debt past my future generation's 120 inches, i decided to volunteer to vote NO on prop 8. if you are in better financial status that me and my eggs, pleasepleaseplease DONATE to the cause. why should we let a bunch of religious people who don't really even live in california tell us what to do? we've (my eggs and i) been fighting against people telling us what to do ever since we left the womb. sometimes that works in our favor, sometimes not. i just don't get the big deal about letting people who want to get married get effin' married already. ugh. if they aren't bothering you, why do you care?

eh, don't feel like getting into a long conversation with myself about it. i'll leave that to you.

good night, and here's to a better tomorrow.

oh yeah, and AIG, give us our money back please. thank you.