24 September 2008

the kiddos

it's been awhile! moving, looking for a place, changing jobs, then no internet...ay dios mio. things have been more than a little crazy for the past 7 weeks or so. but now they are starting to resemble something that could MAYBE be called a routine.

in this new "routine" (for lack of a better word) comes two cats. i am allergic to cats. not as severely as some people, but they certainly do affect me. then i caught a nasty cold for about 10 days and the cats were NOT helping w/ the recovery. i was even off my bike for those 10 days. how awful! that's when you know i'm not feeling well.

now i'm better. and now i'm falling in love w/ one of the kitties, meow meow. it was slowly but surely. at first i pushed her away, fearing itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. then i couldn't resist her cute little face and her welcoming, and jittery, personality. now she sleeps on me, licks my arm, and looks at me and pushes her little teeny head into my hands and paws into my belly. it's love, and i think it's mutual. last night i passed out on the couch and when i woke up, she was resting right next to me. aww, how effin' cute.

here's a pic...her adorable face is in my hand.

this is all weird to me because i adore dogs. ADORE them. but, i guess i have enough room up in here for both. :)

that's it for now. have a good night!