14 July 2008

vids and link lovin'

here are some videos i've been watching lately...

how cute is he?! i think i have a new additional friend crush.

and then for more inspirations from ms. diaz. it lit a light bulb in my head. i think it's a fluorescent one too since it's been awhile since any light went off up there. my head is all green and crunchy just like northern california. and i don't mean in the moldy white dreads kind of way either. just think about it already.

also have to give a shout out to my homegirl, askachola cause she gave me some love on her bloggy blog by linking me. thanks homie. here's one right back for you. oh, and esa, don't kill me cause i burn green fluorescent, ok? orale pues.

also, one last shout out to blabbeando cause not only did he give me some link lovin', he put an "!" by my name. um, awesome. thanks, i'm blushing...super cute.

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