10 July 2008

new legs

lately i've been noticing that the desk job is not helping my 2008 goal of staying healthy and in a reasonable weight. i wake up, ride, sit, eat, sit, eat, walk a bit, sit, ride, tired. that's pretty much my day in a nutshell. so when i realized that i could add two more rides into my day based on that one fluke chance of missing the train, i jumped on it.

while very bored at work i calculated how long my commute is each day. 7.6 miles. this is broken up into 4 parts. and with traffic and all i can spend up to 40 minutes to an hour on my bike. that makes me happy. i average about 40 miles a week for the past two weeks. that's just commuting. since i ride my bike everywhere as it is my main method of transportation, i can assume it's perhaps 50 miles average a week i ride. some people do that in a day or two. but since it's double what i was doing even just 2 weeks ago, i wont be so hard on myself. also, i've noticed a difference already. riding more and finally getting my fruit back is all i needed to see some immediate changes. not bad, not bad. laying off the beer has helped a bit too. :)

am working on a video of when the boo and i went to see some really big trees. i'll probably have a 30 second teaser trailer done by tonight. an ambitious goal, but i'm really hoping to get that done in a few...

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