01 July 2008

life anew

what inspires you? lately my tap has been out of service. i have lots of ideas, but they never come to fruition due to lack of desire. lately there have been some life episodes that have caused the long ago familiar feeling of needing to get something out of me and into the world.

i have always liked bold lines, geometric shapes and strongly contrasting, yet complementary, colors. i have always been very into paper cut outs. i have an intense and unhealthy like for sharp utensils which involve precise cutting of paper.

i don't know why i like these things. i've always been drawn to paper cut outs. i think i like the negative space, and how it connects the bold and purposefully drawn lines.

i saw this post the other day and an idea came to me immediately spawned by the general heartacheyness i was feeling due to a week-long fight with the boo. it was kind of overwhelming how perfect the picture i had in my head was and with nothing to show for it. and for going on two days it's been aching to become reality.

i had to purchase a few things in order to make this vision a reality, including pencils, paper, self healing mat. i once had a mat but it now belongs to a former boo, a thought that did cross my mind as i bought this one today. i guess boos inspire me, and i guess that usually makes me want to cut things on cushioned vinyl. as i sat down tonight to put pencil on paper, i realized i need just one more thing before i put in the hours that it will take for me to do this project. just one more type of paper and possibly some tape, then the cutting will commence.

i really wanted to get it done before this weekend. i think that just means i wanted it done right away, but i have to be patient. i plan on giving it to the boo, but i'm not sure he'll like it. however, that is not the point. the point is he inspires me to think of weird things, to write long letters and to put these weird things and letters into a cohesive and tangible object. it is up to him if he wants to keep the object. if no, then i will gladly keep it and display it.

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