17 July 2008

life anew part two

this past year i've been dealing with a large loss in my life. a few days ago the birthday of this person happened, and elle gave me a good idea on how to honor it.

i've talked a bit before about my lover-ly beautiful babies, two little cilantro seedlings and some seedlings of yet as undetermined nature. the other day i noticed some MOLD growing on my undetermined seedling twins. i'm not exactly sure how they got there, but i have an idea that someone put some bread toppings in my planters. i normally wouldn't mind, but, um, they are in planters, not in proper soil outside w/ worms to compost that nonsense.

anyway. the mold wasn't out of control and it wasn't anything i couldn't rectify.

i was feeling rather down on the 14th and was talking to elle. she suggested i plant some flowers. since she and have shared part of a brain for the better part of the past 12 years or so, i blinked quickly and the (fluroescent) light bulb turned on. how she knows these things even though a million words, pictures and 3k miles separate us, i will never know. i relayed the above story to elle and told her i wanted to repot them. although not a flower, it is certainly extremely close. and that can be a lasting tribute to my loved one.

i had two 4 inch pots each w/ the cilantro seedlings. then i had the other two undetermined surprise seedlings (although i know they will eventually turn out to be any or all of the following: parsley, thyme, sage and chive) in a 4in pot and the other in an 8in. the latter two ones were looking a little sad and it made me wonder if their seeds were old when i got them. don't know if that makes a difference or not.

so this is what i did: i consolidated the two cilantro seedlings and put them in the 8 in pot. i made sure to take out the other seedling along w/ all the moldy dirty VERY carefully. :( the seedling seemed so weak. so i put it in seedling ICU (read: the wooden step of our fire escape) and went to work on saving the strong ones. when i pulled the cilantro ones, the first one to sprout was weak, but tall and with very good root growth. i kept telling her what a good baby she was and that she was going to be cold for only a second. then i pulled her younger sister out and noticed her root growth was not as healthy. this concerned me a bit, but i think she will be ok. i put her on top of her older sister and readied the pot. i put them in, did some pruning, tried to make them stay up straight, and then went to work on the other ones.

the other two are in much worse shape. their roots are small, very sad. so i put them together in a 4in pot. because i noticed that they may not make it, or it will be a long road to recovery if they do, i decided to use the other 4in pot to plant some new seeds that came from the same bunch.

so that is what i did to honor my loved one. i think it's rather fitting metaphorically, and definitely rather healing for me. the memory of love and the cycle of life goes on through my seedling babies.

today's status: cilantro ones have stood up tall, are greener and appear fuller. more pruning. success. the other ones? the same. no pruning. it was a good start to the morning.


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