06 July 2008


the boo and i just came back from spending more than 72 hours together on a mini vaycay roadtrip up in humboldt county california. we went to see the "world renowned" redwoods. the trip was fantastic. my memories will last, however, camcorder batteries do not. we were hiking in the rockerfeller forest and spent quite some time there in the morning. then when we drove to the place where you can drive your car through a tree, the batteries went out. so i only have 1/2 a day of film, but like i said, a lifetime of memories. aww.

we stayed in a bed and breakfast inn in ferndale, which is quite off the main strip of 101, and we did not know this, but got used to the little trip back and forth. surprisingly to me, the weather reminded me of the sunset neighborhood in san francisco. in retrospect, i don't know why this did surprise me since it was pretty much the southern part of the pacific northwest, but there you go. it was foggy and grey, but having spent quite some time in northern california, we were both used to the fog and thankfully were both dressed appropriately.

there are lots of stories to tell. watching fireworks in the fog, lighting fireworks ourselves, driving around to black sand beaches, seeing restored old town eureka, and of course, those magnificent redwoods. i heard stories about how when he was younger, his parents and friends of theirs would travel with all of their kids in a caravan (his parents' choice of transportation was a red and white VW bus) and would travel up to the redwoods and camp. he said he was running among the giants while he was in diapers. the mental image of that definitely put a smile on my face as we drove through the tunnel the trees kept over the long stretch of highway 101.

we were both excited to go and "see some trees," and it's eye opening how beautiful that part of northern california is, and actually rather inspring. i could see how writers could live a nearly solitary existenece in a log cabin up there. and, as a friend of mine said when i told him what i was doing this weekend, he could understand how people can be pagan and worship those huge living beings.

but the part we will be able to show is forthcoming, i have a few projects on the stove, so once i get going, i can being to multitask. for the moment, i will just have to leave you with that post.

also, didn't get to go mountain biking as i had hoped we would, but got enough information that the next time we go, we know where to go :)

in the meantime, have a good night and i'm off to do some chores. for the record, i'm tired from driving all day (yeah, i know, i don't get it either), but very happy.

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