22 July 2008

fat lite

so on saturday i attended a festival of bikes and beer in the park. it was a rather dreary day...very typical for a northern california summer. yay. anyway, so i convinced a bike-riding, park-loving friend to join. i told him there was free bike valet parking so he wouldn't have to worry about his new bike and that there would also be free tune-ups. obvs, he didn't need to take advantage of that, but i certainly did. i got my derailleurs adjusted. the mechanic said it would "feel a million times better," and it does. thanks bike guy.

there are few things i love more than parks, bikes and beer, so this was a no brainer for me. it was a family event, full of bike art, strange bikes you can ride and really really bad performances. there was a LOT of beer since it was hosted by a brewing company. but as the website said, it was a festival of bikes with beer, not vice versa. and everyone was rather well behaved. bravo urbanites. bravo.

now, my main complaint is that the attendees were rather, um, pale. as much as i love bikes, i love diversity more. i could probably count on two hands the people of color that were in attendance. ok, that's an exaggeration, but it's not really that much of one. :( i could talk about this for awhile, so i will stop myself here before i get off on a tangent.

SO, the real reason i wanted to talk about the event. the event is a yearly fundraiser for the bike advocacy group i recently joined. the site said it was a green event, that it was solar powered and that even though they had 6700 attendees in 2007, they only sent TWELVE (12) pounds of trash to the landfill. my roommate and i probably go through 12 pounds every 5 days. and that's just 2 of us. that is not counting the recyclables we sort out. unfortunately although our city provides a composting pick up service, our landlords do not. what is it, like 12 bucks a month at most? considering there are 12 people living in this building, i don't think it's that much of a cost to them...anyway.

how did the event do this you ask? well, what they did was divide your trash into three separate bins: compostables, recyclables, and trash. they had "compost outlets" which were booths where you could throw away your stuff and had a person directing you where to put what.

this is such a simple idea and absolutely should be mandatory in not only all public events in the park, but all over the state, the country, the world.

in northern california, most likely there would be people willing to volunteer for this job at public events. i would even say that for maybe 10-15 years while people get used to distributing the trash on their own. we can only hope that this mentality will pick up and become popular. i really don't see how it could difficult to do.

btw, in the port-a-potty quad, there were those makeshift sinks with paper towels. they had the green compostable bin right there. unmanned.

also, the plastic beer cups. made out of corn. compostable.


mingerspice said...

sounds awesome!!! I was in Walnut Creek :( WAI?


yes you were! but there will be more of these. also going to austin, tejas, OG home of the calitexican.