06 July 2008

big guy on a small bike

i saw this from one of the many bike blogs i read daily. i just discovered this particular blog, so i was a little late in seeing this, but definitely keeps in tune with the bike love i have a lot of...


well, the embed code doesn't seem to be working, so above is the link.

i do believe the next bike purchase is a cable lock to use along with the very good U-lock i have so i am not as paranoid as i was the other day when i had to run an errand to the bank. i was so paranoid that i almost misplaced one of my biking gloves at the bank and kept looking around like a crazy person for it. i did misplace my pen, but take one, leave one. i can get another one.

thanks goodness the cable should be about 10 bucks or less. i'll have to see if my fav store has it. i haven't visited those guys in awhile. they are good peeps, and i hear they have a small following here, so i'm pretty sure it's here to stay. :)

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