12 July 2008

the beast

i'm actually surprised more art hasn't been made out of this very serious and far reaching subject. sure, there are more immediate things that certainly warrant our attention, but this one is the quiet beast that dares not speak until it relentlessly calls you... this video is kind of long imho, but me likey anyway.

The Beast That Swallows Its Young from Matt Kresling on Vimeo.

i found it while searching the internet for spin offs of my favorite band of 2007, los abandoned. RIP. but looks like front lady pilar diaz is up to great things. i can't wait to see more from her. i totes have a friend crush on her. let's be friends lady p. what do you say? ;)

also, not that i don't usually wish this, but even more so i wish i was in nyc this weekend. the LAMC is going on and why oh why can't i be there discovering new bands in person?!

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