08 July 2008

and they begin...

so i finally got the requisite question from my coworkers yesterday. "wow, do you really ride your bike to work?" yes, but from the train station... "every day?" yes. "wow, i wish i could do that, that's such good exercise. but i wont." i was wearing a skirt and the guy coworker that i know actually does ride a bike but for fancy things looked at it then at me and asked, "did you get changed at work? cause i don't think i would ride in my skirt." haha, very funny. we did all laugh.

there's another bike commuter in my building. has a very cute bike. i met him a few weeks ago at the train station where he recognized my bike and asked me where i got my sticker. i told him from my fav store, but that they are all around SF and he could try the web if he couldn't find it. he said he would rather buy locally. who can argue w/ that?

anyway, today i ran back out to get my water bottle b/c i forgot it on my cage. he was just getting in and he said, "i just love your bike. i admire it every day." awww. i blushed and said, thank you. i like your bike too. breezers are so cute. he said, "thanks." i really do like his bike. it's a breezer, the ultimate commuters dream. it's got fenders, racks galore, but still shiny and new looking. he also has a huge sign on it saying something along the lines of "bikers are a statement against the oil wars." i believe he has a one less car sticker on his helmet too. i personally like my zero per gallon. says pretty much the same thing as his larger sign, and much more efficiently.

the compliment has me all smiles still. :)

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