24 July 2008

an accident. not mine.

ran into the fire fighter ambulance on the way home. saw what looked like a car-pedestrian accident. an middle aged man was on the ground, his neck in a brace, being lifted by the EMT...by his head. i'm sure it was to straighten him out, since he was laying on his left side, and put him on the stretcher.

what will stay with me for a long time is not the gore, because there wasn't any. it was the look on his face. i hope never to encounter that look on someone's face ever again. i have never seen someone in so much physical pain. and because he was older, the lines all over his face only helped to exaggerate the expression underneath.

one cyclist stayed staring as the light turned green. the car behind him inched forward and seemed like he might have his own incident. i, however, did not want to see that horrible scene anymore. and i just saw it for a second. a very long second in my life in which i happened to turn my head and observe someone else's pure agony.

i continued on. saw another ambulance roaring through the next major intersection. they were not going in his direction. they were going to someone else's.

i was really glad to make it home in one piece today. seemed like crazy was looming over the city. i'm in for the night. watching project runway and making some music while sipping some wine sounds just about all i can take at the moment.

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