31 July 2008

hewo there

hey people. it's been a little bit, or, as the kids say in socal, "a hot minute," since i've posted. i haven't been home very much lately. i haven't even seen my roommate in 8 days. weird.

anyway, lots has happened in the biking community. critical mass was last friday, and i managed to avoid it successfully on my way home. yes, on purpose. i just want to get home man. however, an unfortunate CM participant in nyc got tackled by a rookie officer. in case you haven't seen the youtube video all over the internets, here i am to bring it to you.

the cop hadn't been on the force for even a month, and now he's been stripped of his badge while they conduct an investigation. the most egregious thing, and i'm including the linebacker-style tackle, is the officer's own account of what happened. to put it briefly, his statement differs greatly from what you can clearly see on the video.

nytimes brings up this phenomena in an article as video cameras are becoming rather ubiquitous, so are scary pictures that starkly contrast officer reports. first to my mind is the LA may day protest disaster last year. my mom on her cell phone could capture this, just as i could, and just as my 14 year old cousin with his little sidekick3. but not my iphone carrying family member. but i do believe there's an app to adapt the current shoot-only camera. anyway, this relatively new technology of a portable video cameras may just force officers become more accountable in their actions and statements. yes, i know i'm rather hopeful in saying that. i wonder what my DA/PD friends have to say about all this. i shall ask and report back.

but luckily for humanity, but perhaps not for media outlets, the biker is back to work, lacerations and all, and he's refusing to talk to the press. he's got a nice smile, and he works at the farmers market! how effin cute: a guy who likes things i do. and in drama-free packaging. refreshing these days.

an quick aside, i love what the bikesnob has to say about it. of course, he goes on a tangent. he acutely states my exact reasoning for despising crowds (see above and see below). when people would visit me for new years while i lived in nyc, they wanted to go to times square. i would rather poke my eyes out with a rusty heated fire poker and then hear it squish as someone steps on it than be in that crowd. one reason being is that i have to pee often, and that is just a logistical nightmare in such a crowd. but, and, more importantly, because i feel crowd mentality has a sense of crazy instability to it. like anything can happen at anytime and no one knows how anyone is going to react. this is why i despise getting off the train on game day as the train station is right next to the ballpark. the cars and people multiply by literally thousands and you can just sense the CRAZY in the air. i try to get out of that area as fast as i can. i'm even thinking of getting off a stop earlier the next time there is a game just to avoid all that nonsense even if it is quite out of my way.

now i've been away for a reason. my lovely bici was in a minor accident. totally my fault. i was, in a crowd, but this time people needed to be looking after me. i was rather unsteady on my feet walking with the boo. well, i was stumbling next to the boo. the boo was being rather gentlemanly that evening and was walking my bike. we had just seen a movie in the park and we were walking home. there were a lot of people headed in our direction. i stumble into him, he falls, hard, on my bike. i fall on him. where we live, there are lots of driveways just off of the sidewalk. driveways go down slightly. you can fall even if you are paying attention. i was not.

so bici just took a 250+lb pounding. :( she wasn't working very well until today. the boo got it into working order enough so i could take it to work today, a full 5 days later. i noticed it was skipping a gear and there were some strange clickings. so i went to the bike store close to work. thanks god there is one nearby. i have been there before to purchase a soma water bottle (they sell it for cheaper too!!), and they are very friendly. they adjusted the gears a bit and i was back on. as i was riding home i noticed they aren't quite right, so i will probably go back during lunch tomorrow to have them finish what they started.

my newish and pretty handlebar tape is all cut up and full of grease though :(. i think the boo put on some grease when he fixed it. i don't mind the scrape, it's like a scar for bici, and this chick digs scars.

i also purchased a new water bottle. same kind. apparently my water bottle cage was loose one day and i didn't notice. i remember feeling a little bit of water on my leg, but i didn't really think anything of it. turns out my water bottle completely fell out while i was riding down a super busy street to pick up my paycheck. how dangerous! i also can't believe i didn't notice it fall out. but it did. i'm actually wondering if it has anything to do with the plastic actually being a better grade. it's not as flexible, so it wouldn't hug to the sides of the cage as i was riding, but rather just flew out as i presumably went over one of the many large potholes on market street. who knows.

i also picked up something i've been wanting. part of my diabolical plan to be a bike commuter who does NOT wear all black. i can't help it if i have a lot of black clothing. i like it. however, i do want to be seen and after hearing multiple stories of people running red lights and hitting friends on bikes, i just want to be seen. i also don't want to look like a complete dork if i can help it. so i've kept my eye open for a reflective NOT yellow, but bright, but not red, wind/water resistant jacket. the northern california mornings and evenings are rather chilly, slightly misty and as i've mentioned before, the afternoons are definitely windy.

i have said many times i'm 1/2 dude. this dude doesn't mind smelling like outside. in fact, i rather prefer that more natural smell than smelling like some crappy ass perfume. that stuff just makes me sneeze. however, i don't want to entirely smell like BO either, and i've noticed my cotton (black) hoodie does. oops. so out of practicality and vanity (or is it courtesy to others?), i purchase this little number from the bike store. it caught my eye as he was fixing my gears. so i tried it on. it's light, it's bright, it's NOT yellow, and it looks like it wouldn't smell after two days. maybe after a week, but not two days. and...dum da dum dum duuuuum, it's WAY lighter than my cotton hoodie. it's definitely something much brighter that i'm used to wearing, but i guess i don't like to stand out too much. combined w/ the jeans, you might think i had a smile in here somewhere.

i took it for a test ride today on the way home. it was so great. it was windy, of course, didn't feel the cold seeping through the knit of cotton...cause it's not! it was rather warm today in the afternoon, didn't feel hot while wearing it. and, since it's super light, i could also wear it to run. i think this jacket is my new best friend. and even though my job will eventually end, my wearing of this jacket will not since i ride my bike absolutely everywhere.

which brings me to my next topic. i. hate. muni.

i had to resort to buses to get to the train from home/work. both here and there. over there the buses are much better. you know, they actually follow the schedule they provide online. here? nah, they just don't. i have to walk about 10 minutes to catch the street car that goes directly to the station. that's fine w/ me. sure it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to the train by bike, but hey, who's counting?

so i get on the street car. plenty of time to get to the station. i give myself 20 minutes more than i think i need. train leaves at 744. i'm there at 730. oops. guess i left later than usual. train comes. i make the 759. fine.

that night i have dinner with my friend. he waits with me for the bus to take me back to my neighborhood. we probably wait nearly as long as it took us to eat dinner. god. hate muni. all i want to do is sleep.

the next day, i decide i'm going to make the 814 because i figured out how to do this w/o the bike and get to work sort of on time. street car is impossibly slow when i'm on it. the street car gets to the stoplight one turn away from the stop. and when i say one turn, i mean after the stop light, it needs to turn left and there's the station. we are waiting there for 4-5 minutes. i know this because i listened to two songs while waiting. i had had tea, so i was not only suffering from my regular lament over not having my bike and frustration with seeing the train station across the street, but now i had caffeine impatience. that's the WORST. i also tend to have some control issues, but seriously. it was 8:09 when we stopped at the light. i was already anxious then because the train was taking a long time at certain stops. here i could see the train station, where i wanted to be, the stop which was across the street, and we were in the middle of both. i couldn't go anywhere and just saw the minutes click silently away on my ipod. when we finally get moving, i see the train roll away. i get on the 819. it leaves 5 minutes later, but gets there about 15 minutes after my other train because it's not a local. grrrrrrrrrrr. pulling hair out frustrated!
believe me. i'm a strong believer/advocate of public transportation. it just has to work efficiently and effectively. but catching a bus to a train has too many variables that even waking up early can't ensure that one will get to work on time!

so, while bici and i were apart, i got to thinking, what if someone steals bici or she gets in an accident i can't save her from? what would i do? first of all, i would hope to be able to buy a new bike. but which one you ask?

well, if i had to...i would get a mixte frame. i'm very short. frames are hard to come by. getting easier, but still hard. mixtes are basically extremely sturdy step through bikes.

mixtes are just friggin cool, and very me. mixte means unisex in french. um, yes. i'm 1/2 dude, 1/2 chick. i would get either moustache handlebars or bullhorns. i rarely use my drops to their full potential. but i only know that from riding around so much. i would probably either get the same seat i have now or see what all this brooks fuss is about. i would also like to try out making it a single speed (as seen in the bullhorn pic). but i would also take a 10-12 speed one as well. beggars can't be choosy. oh, and it has to be used. there's an absolutely stunning one that is new and close to me, but, um, it's also $1600. that's JUST the frame, fork and headset. sigh. besides, i said i like scars...old bikes have got em.

point is: my love, bici, and i are reunited. i love my new cycling/running/you-can-see-me jacket. i hope my new water bottle stays in the cage. oh, and my boo knows how to take care of me and my bici.

24 July 2008


the creative juices have not stopped flowing. i think it helps to have a teeny bit of money to help bring these products to life.

i used to live alone before i moved in with the calimexican. in that place i had coral and pink walls inspired by a domino color combo suggestion. from the first issue if i'm not mistaken. i still have it.

i want a sari-inspired fabric to be my new curtain. help bring the room together. right now it looks like puzzle pieces from 5 different sets.

these ladies will help me out. god i heart craft and make.

an accident. not mine.

ran into the fire fighter ambulance on the way home. saw what looked like a car-pedestrian accident. an middle aged man was on the ground, his neck in a brace, being lifted by the EMT...by his head. i'm sure it was to straighten him out, since he was laying on his left side, and put him on the stretcher.

what will stay with me for a long time is not the gore, because there wasn't any. it was the look on his face. i hope never to encounter that look on someone's face ever again. i have never seen someone in so much physical pain. and because he was older, the lines all over his face only helped to exaggerate the expression underneath.

one cyclist stayed staring as the light turned green. the car behind him inched forward and seemed like he might have his own incident. i, however, did not want to see that horrible scene anymore. and i just saw it for a second. a very long second in my life in which i happened to turn my head and observe someone else's pure agony.

i continued on. saw another ambulance roaring through the next major intersection. they were not going in his direction. they were going to someone else's.

i was really glad to make it home in one piece today. seemed like crazy was looming over the city. i'm in for the night. watching project runway and making some music while sipping some wine sounds just about all i can take at the moment.

22 July 2008

fat lite

so on saturday i attended a festival of bikes and beer in the park. it was a rather dreary day...very typical for a northern california summer. yay. anyway, so i convinced a bike-riding, park-loving friend to join. i told him there was free bike valet parking so he wouldn't have to worry about his new bike and that there would also be free tune-ups. obvs, he didn't need to take advantage of that, but i certainly did. i got my derailleurs adjusted. the mechanic said it would "feel a million times better," and it does. thanks bike guy.

there are few things i love more than parks, bikes and beer, so this was a no brainer for me. it was a family event, full of bike art, strange bikes you can ride and really really bad performances. there was a LOT of beer since it was hosted by a brewing company. but as the website said, it was a festival of bikes with beer, not vice versa. and everyone was rather well behaved. bravo urbanites. bravo.

now, my main complaint is that the attendees were rather, um, pale. as much as i love bikes, i love diversity more. i could probably count on two hands the people of color that were in attendance. ok, that's an exaggeration, but it's not really that much of one. :( i could talk about this for awhile, so i will stop myself here before i get off on a tangent.

SO, the real reason i wanted to talk about the event. the event is a yearly fundraiser for the bike advocacy group i recently joined. the site said it was a green event, that it was solar powered and that even though they had 6700 attendees in 2007, they only sent TWELVE (12) pounds of trash to the landfill. my roommate and i probably go through 12 pounds every 5 days. and that's just 2 of us. that is not counting the recyclables we sort out. unfortunately although our city provides a composting pick up service, our landlords do not. what is it, like 12 bucks a month at most? considering there are 12 people living in this building, i don't think it's that much of a cost to them...anyway.

how did the event do this you ask? well, what they did was divide your trash into three separate bins: compostables, recyclables, and trash. they had "compost outlets" which were booths where you could throw away your stuff and had a person directing you where to put what.

this is such a simple idea and absolutely should be mandatory in not only all public events in the park, but all over the state, the country, the world.

in northern california, most likely there would be people willing to volunteer for this job at public events. i would even say that for maybe 10-15 years while people get used to distributing the trash on their own. we can only hope that this mentality will pick up and become popular. i really don't see how it could difficult to do.

btw, in the port-a-potty quad, there were those makeshift sinks with paper towels. they had the green compostable bin right there. unmanned.

also, the plastic beer cups. made out of corn. compostable.

17 July 2008

life anew part two

this past year i've been dealing with a large loss in my life. a few days ago the birthday of this person happened, and elle gave me a good idea on how to honor it.

i've talked a bit before about my lover-ly beautiful babies, two little cilantro seedlings and some seedlings of yet as undetermined nature. the other day i noticed some MOLD growing on my undetermined seedling twins. i'm not exactly sure how they got there, but i have an idea that someone put some bread toppings in my planters. i normally wouldn't mind, but, um, they are in planters, not in proper soil outside w/ worms to compost that nonsense.

anyway. the mold wasn't out of control and it wasn't anything i couldn't rectify.

i was feeling rather down on the 14th and was talking to elle. she suggested i plant some flowers. since she and have shared part of a brain for the better part of the past 12 years or so, i blinked quickly and the (fluroescent) light bulb turned on. how she knows these things even though a million words, pictures and 3k miles separate us, i will never know. i relayed the above story to elle and told her i wanted to repot them. although not a flower, it is certainly extremely close. and that can be a lasting tribute to my loved one.

i had two 4 inch pots each w/ the cilantro seedlings. then i had the other two undetermined surprise seedlings (although i know they will eventually turn out to be any or all of the following: parsley, thyme, sage and chive) in a 4in pot and the other in an 8in. the latter two ones were looking a little sad and it made me wonder if their seeds were old when i got them. don't know if that makes a difference or not.

so this is what i did: i consolidated the two cilantro seedlings and put them in the 8 in pot. i made sure to take out the other seedling along w/ all the moldy dirty VERY carefully. :( the seedling seemed so weak. so i put it in seedling ICU (read: the wooden step of our fire escape) and went to work on saving the strong ones. when i pulled the cilantro ones, the first one to sprout was weak, but tall and with very good root growth. i kept telling her what a good baby she was and that she was going to be cold for only a second. then i pulled her younger sister out and noticed her root growth was not as healthy. this concerned me a bit, but i think she will be ok. i put her on top of her older sister and readied the pot. i put them in, did some pruning, tried to make them stay up straight, and then went to work on the other ones.

the other two are in much worse shape. their roots are small, very sad. so i put them together in a 4in pot. because i noticed that they may not make it, or it will be a long road to recovery if they do, i decided to use the other 4in pot to plant some new seeds that came from the same bunch.

so that is what i did to honor my loved one. i think it's rather fitting metaphorically, and definitely rather healing for me. the memory of love and the cycle of life goes on through my seedling babies.

today's status: cilantro ones have stood up tall, are greener and appear fuller. more pruning. success. the other ones? the same. no pruning. it was a good start to the morning.


14 July 2008

vids and link lovin'

here are some videos i've been watching lately...

how cute is he?! i think i have a new additional friend crush.

and then for more inspirations from ms. diaz. it lit a light bulb in my head. i think it's a fluorescent one too since it's been awhile since any light went off up there. my head is all green and crunchy just like northern california. and i don't mean in the moldy white dreads kind of way either. just think about it already.

also have to give a shout out to my homegirl, askachola cause she gave me some love on her bloggy blog by linking me. thanks homie. here's one right back for you. oh, and esa, don't kill me cause i burn green fluorescent, ok? orale pues.

also, one last shout out to blabbeando cause not only did he give me some link lovin', he put an "!" by my name. um, awesome. thanks, i'm blushing...super cute.

12 July 2008

the beast

i'm actually surprised more art hasn't been made out of this very serious and far reaching subject. sure, there are more immediate things that certainly warrant our attention, but this one is the quiet beast that dares not speak until it relentlessly calls you... this video is kind of long imho, but me likey anyway.

The Beast That Swallows Its Young from Matt Kresling on Vimeo.

i found it while searching the internet for spin offs of my favorite band of 2007, los abandoned. RIP. but looks like front lady pilar diaz is up to great things. i can't wait to see more from her. i totes have a friend crush on her. let's be friends lady p. what do you say? ;)

also, not that i don't usually wish this, but even more so i wish i was in nyc this weekend. the LAMC is going on and why oh why can't i be there discovering new bands in person?!

11 July 2008


two city folk see some really big trees.

10 July 2008

new legs

lately i've been noticing that the desk job is not helping my 2008 goal of staying healthy and in a reasonable weight. i wake up, ride, sit, eat, sit, eat, walk a bit, sit, ride, tired. that's pretty much my day in a nutshell. so when i realized that i could add two more rides into my day based on that one fluke chance of missing the train, i jumped on it.

while very bored at work i calculated how long my commute is each day. 7.6 miles. this is broken up into 4 parts. and with traffic and all i can spend up to 40 minutes to an hour on my bike. that makes me happy. i average about 40 miles a week for the past two weeks. that's just commuting. since i ride my bike everywhere as it is my main method of transportation, i can assume it's perhaps 50 miles average a week i ride. some people do that in a day or two. but since it's double what i was doing even just 2 weeks ago, i wont be so hard on myself. also, i've noticed a difference already. riding more and finally getting my fruit back is all i needed to see some immediate changes. not bad, not bad. laying off the beer has helped a bit too. :)

am working on a video of when the boo and i went to see some really big trees. i'll probably have a 30 second teaser trailer done by tonight. an ambitious goal, but i'm really hoping to get that done in a few...

08 July 2008

and they begin...

so i finally got the requisite question from my coworkers yesterday. "wow, do you really ride your bike to work?" yes, but from the train station... "every day?" yes. "wow, i wish i could do that, that's such good exercise. but i wont." i was wearing a skirt and the guy coworker that i know actually does ride a bike but for fancy things looked at it then at me and asked, "did you get changed at work? cause i don't think i would ride in my skirt." haha, very funny. we did all laugh.

there's another bike commuter in my building. has a very cute bike. i met him a few weeks ago at the train station where he recognized my bike and asked me where i got my sticker. i told him from my fav store, but that they are all around SF and he could try the web if he couldn't find it. he said he would rather buy locally. who can argue w/ that?

anyway, today i ran back out to get my water bottle b/c i forgot it on my cage. he was just getting in and he said, "i just love your bike. i admire it every day." awww. i blushed and said, thank you. i like your bike too. breezers are so cute. he said, "thanks." i really do like his bike. it's a breezer, the ultimate commuters dream. it's got fenders, racks galore, but still shiny and new looking. he also has a huge sign on it saying something along the lines of "bikers are a statement against the oil wars." i believe he has a one less car sticker on his helmet too. i personally like my zero per gallon. says pretty much the same thing as his larger sign, and much more efficiently.

the compliment has me all smiles still. :)

06 July 2008

big guy on a small bike

i saw this from one of the many bike blogs i read daily. i just discovered this particular blog, so i was a little late in seeing this, but definitely keeps in tune with the bike love i have a lot of...


well, the embed code doesn't seem to be working, so above is the link.

i do believe the next bike purchase is a cable lock to use along with the very good U-lock i have so i am not as paranoid as i was the other day when i had to run an errand to the bank. i was so paranoid that i almost misplaced one of my biking gloves at the bank and kept looking around like a crazy person for it. i did misplace my pen, but take one, leave one. i can get another one.

thanks goodness the cable should be about 10 bucks or less. i'll have to see if my fav store has it. i haven't visited those guys in awhile. they are good peeps, and i hear they have a small following here, so i'm pretty sure it's here to stay. :)


the boo and i just came back from spending more than 72 hours together on a mini vaycay roadtrip up in humboldt county california. we went to see the "world renowned" redwoods. the trip was fantastic. my memories will last, however, camcorder batteries do not. we were hiking in the rockerfeller forest and spent quite some time there in the morning. then when we drove to the place where you can drive your car through a tree, the batteries went out. so i only have 1/2 a day of film, but like i said, a lifetime of memories. aww.

we stayed in a bed and breakfast inn in ferndale, which is quite off the main strip of 101, and we did not know this, but got used to the little trip back and forth. surprisingly to me, the weather reminded me of the sunset neighborhood in san francisco. in retrospect, i don't know why this did surprise me since it was pretty much the southern part of the pacific northwest, but there you go. it was foggy and grey, but having spent quite some time in northern california, we were both used to the fog and thankfully were both dressed appropriately.

there are lots of stories to tell. watching fireworks in the fog, lighting fireworks ourselves, driving around to black sand beaches, seeing restored old town eureka, and of course, those magnificent redwoods. i heard stories about how when he was younger, his parents and friends of theirs would travel with all of their kids in a caravan (his parents' choice of transportation was a red and white VW bus) and would travel up to the redwoods and camp. he said he was running among the giants while he was in diapers. the mental image of that definitely put a smile on my face as we drove through the tunnel the trees kept over the long stretch of highway 101.

we were both excited to go and "see some trees," and it's eye opening how beautiful that part of northern california is, and actually rather inspring. i could see how writers could live a nearly solitary existenece in a log cabin up there. and, as a friend of mine said when i told him what i was doing this weekend, he could understand how people can be pagan and worship those huge living beings.

but the part we will be able to show is forthcoming, i have a few projects on the stove, so once i get going, i can being to multitask. for the moment, i will just have to leave you with that post.

also, didn't get to go mountain biking as i had hoped we would, but got enough information that the next time we go, we know where to go :)

in the meantime, have a good night and i'm off to do some chores. for the record, i'm tired from driving all day (yeah, i know, i don't get it either), but very happy.

01 July 2008

life anew

what inspires you? lately my tap has been out of service. i have lots of ideas, but they never come to fruition due to lack of desire. lately there have been some life episodes that have caused the long ago familiar feeling of needing to get something out of me and into the world.

i have always liked bold lines, geometric shapes and strongly contrasting, yet complementary, colors. i have always been very into paper cut outs. i have an intense and unhealthy like for sharp utensils which involve precise cutting of paper.

i don't know why i like these things. i've always been drawn to paper cut outs. i think i like the negative space, and how it connects the bold and purposefully drawn lines.

i saw this post the other day and an idea came to me immediately spawned by the general heartacheyness i was feeling due to a week-long fight with the boo. it was kind of overwhelming how perfect the picture i had in my head was and with nothing to show for it. and for going on two days it's been aching to become reality.

i had to purchase a few things in order to make this vision a reality, including pencils, paper, self healing mat. i once had a mat but it now belongs to a former boo, a thought that did cross my mind as i bought this one today. i guess boos inspire me, and i guess that usually makes me want to cut things on cushioned vinyl. as i sat down tonight to put pencil on paper, i realized i need just one more thing before i put in the hours that it will take for me to do this project. just one more type of paper and possibly some tape, then the cutting will commence.

i really wanted to get it done before this weekend. i think that just means i wanted it done right away, but i have to be patient. i plan on giving it to the boo, but i'm not sure he'll like it. however, that is not the point. the point is he inspires me to think of weird things, to write long letters and to put these weird things and letters into a cohesive and tangible object. it is up to him if he wants to keep the object. if no, then i will gladly keep it and display it.

staring at the sun and going blind

things i've noticed lately while riding my bike. it seems like the gender disparity (at least from what i have observed from my own eyes) is huge. looks like we have a ways to go ladies before we can count our numbers up with the guys. in the commuter train i take every day i see myself and maybe two other girls. i've seen as much as 7ish, mostly less though. the train holds 32 bikes. that's consistently less than 1/3 female. just like everything else i seem to like to do, i've found myself in a boy's club. evidence of my 1/2 dudeness yet again.

however, since boys don't know i'm 1/2 dude, they just feel the need to pass me up. to me, it's the equivalent of cutting me off. here's why: riding in traffic, we go as fast as the cars do, and inevitably, i will catch up to you or once you pass me, you slow down and that's rather annoying. i look instead at yourr ass (yes, i do), your clothes, your bike, or at how you are pedaling. i don't know where the fire is, especially going north, so why don't you just resist trying to cut me off. now, i really don't mind if you are truly a better biker than me, i know i'm just learning, but if you cut me off and then proceed to ride right in front of me, it's dangerous because my front wheel really really likes to be mischevious and just may accidentally hit the back of your rear wheel, and then that would be very very messy for all of us.

so i guess as the saying goes, "boys will be boys." however, i've never been one to enjoy that saying since i'm a strong believer in gender being taught and forever conditioned. to paraphrase the nytimes article redefining the concept of mid life crisis, "maybe he's just an asshole." yeah, i like that one better. seems to fit.

also, when there's a group of at least 5 guys at an intersection, it seems to go like this. 1/2 of them have the bike messenger look (whether they are or not is a completley different story), which usually is code for "get the hell out of my way." then there will be the seasoned bike commuter who is generally respectful and brightly colored just so you don't ever miss his presence. then there will be the newbie commuter (hi guys) or two. and then me, the female commuter of color (talk about several minority groups in that adjective laden phrase). so, "boys being assholes" will inevitably all ride in front of me even as we're stopped at a light. since i don't really care about being first anywhere, i'm more concerned with not falling and showing up on time and in one piece. this means i don't care about all that nonsense, but yes, i notice. back to the light turning green. it's that newbie and slightly overweight commuter that i can confidently pass. and when i do, they speed up (and then [see above]) because god forbid i emasculate him while riding a bike for transportation purposes. oh how how how annoying.

as for the venting. i had to yell at a lot of cars today. one was in the morning, and two were in the evening. unfortunately, today's commute was not as pleasant as it usually is, and i feel as frustrated as if i had been sitting in rush hour traffic in a car. and when on my last leg of my trip i saw car exhaust lighting up the sky with a gray haze, i knew i just wanted to be home. gulping exhaust while going up a hill is not pleasant at all. please tune up your car or don't drive.