23 June 2008

tip numero uno

i've been meaning to write this since my laguna honda days that were oh so long ago, but two of my obsessions don't "mesh well" as cher from clueless would say. just say no to lipgloss before riding a bit. for me it's hard to break the compulsive habit i have of putting on lip gloss every time i have a spare second.

until lil bugs got stuck on the lip gloss on my lips as i rode. um...ew!

needless to say, after that happened a few times, it was easier to break that habit just before a ride. so just do yourself a favor, just dont do it. thanks.

tip number two:

when you have sore muscles from riding, just take some aspirin already.

background: quite simple. i ride every day. coming back home after work is always more difficult than in the morning because it's slightly uphill with a very strong crosswind. i've almost ran into another biker who was passing me due to the strong wind tunnel at a particular downtown intersection. ugh. i do loathe that one, but once i'm past it, it's pretty much a smooth ride from there.

so last week was rushing home to meet up with a friend for dinner. i tried to keep up with this biker in front of my who was pretty good. he went very fast up and through the crosswind. he smoked me pretty quickly, and all i got was sore thighs for 4 days. yesterday i told myself i had had enough, and took some aspirin to help with the pain.

as such, i did some research on cycling techniques since whatever i was doing was clearly not working for me. turns out i think i was riding in a higher gear than i should have been, especially considering the wind. so instead of "lifting weights" to get bulky (shudder), i am going to try to pedal faster on an easier gear for more endurance. funny, i've been riding pretty much every day since the beginning of february, and there's still sooo much to learn. i like the challenge. just miss one of my better riding buddies. maybe he'll come back soon.

the only thing about pedaling faster is that in a city, with city traffic conditions, i just have to be more careful about stopping and being aware of things around me. i am careful already, but i'll have to be even more so since i will be concentrating a lot the first few days on HOW i'm riding rather than where i'm riding.

so here's to "swimming" v "power lifting." i also think it will have the added benefit of burning more fat and elongating muscles, but we'll see. i'll keep you posted.

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