03 June 2008

ray of light

so...in the past couple of weeks i had decided that i want to try growing seedlings, and i effectively killed my poor little cilantro plant. it was completely unintentional, but it happened anyway. so, texicana mama and i went to a hardware store to pick up some things, and i wanted to try getting more cilantro at their nursery. didn't have the plant, but had the seeds. so i figured why not try it out and see what happens. i also had just bought a matchstick garden, so i planted that too.

i've transplanted enough baby plants from their small containers to larger ones to have enough places to start seedlings. i've always been kind of nervous to try out seedlings b/c i fear my part of califas isn't warm enough, and i always just thought it would be difficult to try to do.

well, today i've been proven wrong. my first seedling hatched, so to speak, and this proud mama was so happy, it literally brought a tear to my eye. i took pictures of her and i see her so happy to be alive. she looks like she's yawning w/ her multiple skinny arms. the sublet roommate had a little auntie look to her face when i showed her my baby, and she cooed. she really did.

i will post my baby's pics soon. i also am the proud mother of (fraternal) twin mint plants. one is chocolate, the other is mojito. but this mama currently needs her beauty sleep for the lovely train commute tomorrow.

hasta luego y buenas noches.

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