27 June 2008


of commuting include:

1. observing a sausage fest on the bike car of the commuter train every morning and wondering, "where da girls at?"
2. observing the sausage fest get noticeably more attractive the closer to the end of the week it is.
3. observing the bright colors of the adidas shoe of someone sitting behind you and seeing his hairy leg because it's his right leg (pants are rolled up)
4. observing the same person having his bike right next to mine on the rack and he's getting off at the same station.
5. observing that my breath is getting harder to take in as i realize said same person strongly resembles, and is more attractive than, a certain mexican movie star/actor, both with gorgeous green eyes, only the one before me now is much taller.
6. observing that his outfit looks a lot like his bike. anyone who has red handlebar tape on a slate blue bike and reading the new yorker can't be all bad. right?
7. observing that said gorgeous human who should procreate often before he leaves this world takes the same route as i do up to a certain point.

8. wondering if this human is always on the 8:14 because i've never noticed this prior to today.
9. knowing that it's just fun to think about cause i already have a boo.

and finally,

10. observing that this woman about to start her period on a friday afternoon is just not up to riding her bike and then gets to the bike car, sees the enormous sausage fest, and is the only one to stand with her bike b/c the racks are over capacity and wonders, "where da girls at?"

and on that note... off to ride bici to food and merriment. absolutely no train schedules of which to adhere. slow and steady...

and we're off.

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