17 June 2008


a few weeks ago in the nytimes magazine, the former mayor of bogota colombia gave an interview. enrique penalosa. he's my hero, and i think that he and i share a lot of the same political ideology. very interesting. i look forward to researching more about him. my choice favorite quote:

nyt: You were probably the only socialist at Duke.

ep: I eventually realized, of course, that socialism was a failure as an economic system. Yet equality is not dead. Socialism is dead, but equality as a goal is not dead.

um, yes. my hero. continuing on...

the streetfilms people in nyc got a chance to go to bogota and here is a little piece they made about the ciclovia. also, yesterday nyc announced that it is going to close off some streets this summer based on the popularity of bogota's ciclovia and similar street closings in london and paris.

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