19 May 2008

LA...things i've never done, cars parked under the sun

i'm tired as all hell, but i saw two very different videos on bike advocacy today. each video essentially represents the opposite sides of bike advocacy spectrum. one working within, the other working without. just had to quickly share.


and then the more punk rock, and very illegal, voice of bike advocacy. can't help but admit it must have felt like a rush to ride on the highway past the stalled cars in traffic. i bet there was all kinds of road rage...

oh, and as i might have to do a reverse commute soon as part of (hopefully) a new venture, i discovered the very thing i had been looking for. some place FREE and SAFE to park my bike while i am about an hour south. keep it up! ride bike to the water, store it, ride back at night. not quite the laguna honda uphill challenge, but still a decent ride in the morning to get the blood flowing. god i love riding. and goodnight.

oh ok, i just couldn't stop thinking about biking and riding to work and all the goodies bike to work day had. they had cute shirts and tote bags full of lights, patch kits, maps and stickers. i love stickers. and they gave out fuel in the form of bananas, bagels, muffins and energy drinks. and i heard that on market street and van ness, an extremely busy intersection, (some may call it the main artery of the city) there were twice as many bikes than cars during the morning commute. now if that were only to happen every day.

i fell into bike riding out of necessity. it was the cheapest and fastest way to get where i wanted. i've been a public transportation user going on 12 years now, and i've been riding off and on for 8 years. this time i got serious about bike riding because of monetary issues, getting over the trauma of being run over and wanting to be somewhere as fast as i possibly can get. and in this city, it honestly is by bike, despite what one must think of the hills. it's faster than public transportation, it's cheaper and it gets you exactly to where you want to be. and since i don't have a gym membership, it is just the best of both worlds. completely useful in its dual functions of exercise and transportation. there's nothing i like more than something that's practical. can't get more practical than that. and there's something that takes you back to being a kid and feeling the wind through your hair and just being carefree about moving on two wheels. good memories and just as good as anti depressants. ahem, so i hear...

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