11 May 2008

i heard from someone you're still pretty

for some reason that lyric stuck out to me as i heard this song on pandora while trying to cut out the noise from the calimexican and her boy in the kitchen next to my room. it's nice and bittersweet.

ok, so been doing the commute, and yes, i did have to muni it from the mission to laguna honda. the little problem i have is the slight mountain/big hill called twin peaks. as i gain strength as a rider, perhaps that will not be so daunting a task for me to take. in the meantime, i will just put my bike on the 48 and that will be that.

thanks to the comment from chic cyclist :) it's good to hear that advice/words of encouragement from a dancer. i am happy with my new commute, and i'm glad about the yoga classes. after two saturdays, i've determined i like the instructor enough to most likely attend classes on tuesdays as well. now if only they had a donation pilates class somewhere....

the best thing so far about my commute is that i've been drinking less caffeine and more water. i never really drank that much caffeine (and 98% in the form of tea) to begin with, but i've cut down even that much more. but i do miss my routine morning tea. i figured i will start bringing some to work and so be it.

i also realized i need some new handlebar tape and gloves to reduce the bumpy residual asphalt that tends to outline 7th avenue going up into laguna honda. that part of the commute on my skinny tires is probably the worst. so tomorrow i am going to try riding with gloves for the first time. i didn't get the color combo i wanted, but that's ok. apparently they might be too big for me, but they seem to be fine. we'll see. if they are too big, then that can be easily repaired. for the time being, i do feel like anything will help. haven't put on the new cork tape yet, but i will. and it's a light blue. nice to change up the color combo a bit...

in that vein, i've got to rest up for my ride. this week also holds bike to work day. the city is littered with cute posters reminding anyone and everyone that thursday is the day. how exciting. more exciting is that they are going to have morning and evening commute stations where they will be giving out discounted bike coalition memberships. saving 10-20% on bike parts/accessories? yes please. sign me up.

and now i leave you with that song. reminds me of the picture of you and me in red and blue. "and please remember me, happily/fondly/at hallowen/mistakenly/as in the dream/my misery/seldomly/finally."

and...last but never ever the least...happy mother's day!

oh, and last night the boo and i saw the kids in the hall (um, can't believe they have a myspace page...) perform where the ballet performs. it was great, and we had terrific seats. they played a mixture of old and new things. very fitting to these past few posts was a new skit with old characters. i don't know their names, but they are two informercial product sellers. they were making fun of fat americans and american dependence on SUV's for transportation. so they "invented" a spigot that one can stick into your fat beer belly and take all the fat out. that fat can be burned and converted to gasoline for your hummer. it was so hilarious, i kept covering my mouth and laughing b/c the powerpoint presentation they had running was the funniest thing i've seen in a long time. also their superdrunk (he's a super hero) was hilarious, and contained the best line of the night (for me, the boo disagreed). "you're the one with the mangina, foley!" ahh, spoken so well, in the appropriate tone and timing. beautiful. also, that was the last skit of the night (pre-encore), and they kept cracking themselves up. i love it when that happens.it's like we are also kinda in on the joke, but not really, but kinda yeah.

oh, and on a more serious note, scott thompson fell off the stage last night during the encore. it sounded/looked like quite the nasty fall. apparently he was taken to the hospital, checked out ok and was performing tonight. glad to hear he's ok. SF loves you scott.

btw, in case you care, all of them have been a favorite of mine, but the longest and current favorite is....MARK. geez, he is fantastic.

like i said earlier, i need to rest up for the ride. it's now 12:11am. eek.

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