02 May 2008


so this week has been full of firsts. i started commuting to work on my bike. this means fifty (50) minutes a day in the saddle. my crotch is a lil sore, ain't gonna lie. but also aint gonna lie about how excited i am to see the benefits of these 50 minute rides for 5 days a week. and that's just for work. on the weekends i love to ride for fun, so we'll see. i can already tell my legs and bum are becoming steel-ified. i think i need to let them rest tonight/this weekend.

in my scouting the Internet for its end, i found out about donation yoga. one is a couple of blocks from where i used to live, which is only a few blocks away from where i live now. the intent behind yoga donation is something i completely agree with and stand behind. it's pretty complicated, so bear with me if you can't keep up: yoga is too damn expensive! so for those folks who would like to keep a regular yoga practice, but can't due to prohibitive costs, you can donate as much or as little as you want. i'm glad there are non elitist yoga instructors out there who actually understand that paying $125 for 10 classes is just not a realistic expense for most of us out there who do appreciate the benefits of yoga, but can't afford the maintenance. if you went 3x a week, that only lasts for 3 weeks. gyms are cheaper, but their classes are often sub par when compared to yoga studios. and the yoga studios here only offer $10 community classes once a week in the middle of a weekday. yes, i'm looking at you yogatree hayes valley....grr.

anyway, bonus for me, i found one instructor who is an avid cyclist, and so he tailors his practice to meet the needs that come from biking. he participates in the LA to SF aids ride. and quickly. how noble, but not exactly me. i'm still huffing and puffing up 7th avenue to laguna honda. i think i will try out this yoga place, see if they really will take 5 bucks (if not, i don't have to go back, if so, then maybe i can do it again in a few weeks) tomorrow morning. i am pretty sore, and i think a good stretching is well called for. i can't wait to try it out.

i also don't want to get bulky biker legs, so i think stretching them through yoga will lengthen the muscles a bit. at least that's the idea i've constructed in my head. i don't really think i will bulk up too much since one, i'm not a dude and lack the testosterone, and two, i don't eat the amount of protein required to build such muscles. i can already tell the difference in my arms and my face, which makes me feel i'm beginning to lose the chub and gaining the muscle i like. also i've been carrying my bike up and down the stairs of this crazy city, and my right arm is beginning to look like steel when NOT flexed. my poor left arm. haha.

with all this biking i've been doing, i've slowly but surely compiled some necessary gear. i had to update a helmet after i realized mine was from 2000. something tells me the foam in that thing was outdated. not something i want next to my head should i fall. i also got a cycling cap to cover up the hat hair. that cap has come in handy this week. but those items combined with my standard riding gear of jeans/tshirts makes me feel like a 12 yr old boy.

now, i often say that i'm 1/2 dude. i actually believe i might be (very well documented is my despise for anything resembling a romantic comedy except for those based on austen). so following that logic, i would want to look like a dude for 1/2 the time. the other 1/2 i'm wishing i had a cute and clunky cruiser bike so i can wear a skirt or at least be able to look a little more feminine than i usually do on my beautiful bicicleta. and what do i find today, on the day that i wish i could have worn a skirt and a striped top? two girls that have the same idea. but since they are presumably 100% girl, they thought of the idea before i did. london cycle chic and riding pretty: bicycle chic california (that's kinda a mouthful, huh?).

also in more bike related news, i'm excited to hear about the DC bike sharing program. there's been one in austin for awhile now. i think it's been around since i've been in college. and upon checking out their site, seems like they are not only providing free bikes in austin, but they are also like the oh-so-loverly bike kitchen. i hear they are going to bring a similar bike program to SF, chicago and pdx. these are already bike friendly cities, so its kinda cool to see it start off somewhere familiar and then perhaps branch off to where bike riding might be more of a foreign venture.

back to DC. their program is cool, and sounds kinda like zipcar, but for bikes. both types of ride sharing are based on european models, so there ya go. not thrilled that they had to get clear channel, a notorious corporation, to help out w/ the funding, but i suppose it's not the worst thing either. they can spread their message of censorship across the world! jk...?

another first that happened was an unsolicited soliloquy from the boo. it was rather unexpected, rather eye-opening, and rather touching. and guess who rode his bike to work today? umm, that's right! leading by example perhaps? although having to ride to the sunset from the mission on boo days is something i'm not looking forward to quite yet. those have got to be some of the steepest street grades in the city. i think i might have to muni that. we'll see.

and on that note, i'm off to find out more about bikes. oh, i saw these super cute wooden fenders, but they are extinct i believe. the boo is good with constructing things. i wonder if he could make some? :)

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chic cyclist said...

Congratulations on your new commute! As a ballet dancer and cyclist I can tell you that you'll be steelified but yoga and stretching will avoid any bulk. My theory is that my muscles already know how they want to grow. Cycling does reduce overall padding to reveal your stunning musculature underneath... gotta love that!