19 April 2008


i just stumbled across this song. i have been listening to old ani pretty much on repeat for the past couple of weeks. then i had the brilliant thought, hmmm, maybe new ani is ok too? anyway, this song resonates for reasons you know i'm sure. it's on her newest album. gorgeously haunting geetar and emotions stripped down to its core. i especially like how it seems to be an observation about, then a conversation between, the two people involved. it's the conversation we all wish we could have had if there is/was no closure. nice way to release it i think.

he had all kind of reasons
why she was unable to love him
she was just too young
she was too high strung
she was afraid of commitment
but all of the theories
that he recited
played like the song
of the unrequited

baby, how long's it been now
since you held me to your chest
and told me that you love me
more than all the rest
it's such a shame that you won't talk to me
cuz i won't repeat after you
i believe that there is more to life
we coulda loved each other through
but i was afraid of commitment
when it came to you

i'll tell you, if there is one instinct
i just can't get with at all
it's the urge to kill something beautiful
just to hang it on your wall
are you just too young
are you too high strung
to actually follow through
on all the love you said you had
baby i never lied to you

is all or nothing
the best we can do?

--unrequited by ani difranco on the album reprieve

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