28 March 2008

green, yellow, purple and orange

i have told you perhaps once or twice that i get a box of produce delivered right to my front door. the two times ago it arrived just as i was ready to make lunch, and was rather impatient in thinking what i wanted to eat. had to be quick and easy. we're talking less than 3 minutes in prep time. so i started to make a sandwich, and it was full of lettuce, fake bacon and cheese. the box arrived and i saw an avocado. i grabbed it eagerly. i sliced into it and the colors were just so pretty i had to take a picture. so here they are:


and one more

ahnnnnnnnd scene. and yes, the sandwich was good, but kind of exploding with avocados...

today, nearly three weeks later, i am home enjoying a quiet solo night in. and good for me since i want to experiment with cooking. i see my 2nd tube of polenta patiently waiting for me. so i decide tonight is the night. i grab a huge collard green leaf, one carrot, a garlic clove and a teeny bit of red onion. i sautéed the garlic and green first, then add the carrot and at the end add the red onion. i wanted the onions and carrots to be nearly raw, but w/ a slight cooked temp. w/ the polenta, i just repeated what i did the last time. very little water, a teeny bit more of milk, butter and parm cheese. mix them all together and i am a happy camper. the sweetness of the carrot and the red onion are there to balance out the bitterness of the green. admittedly a strange combo of things i happen to have on hand, but also just experimental, and, most importantly, the carrots deliver the crunch i realize i need to "feel" full and satisfied. the red onions are kind of strong, should have let them cook longer. good thing i'm eating for one tonight. i don't think i can subject the boo to this meal (or even open-minded veggies for that matter), but maybe he'll slowly get used to the idea of eating veggies other than broccoli. maybe not.

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