28 March 2008

green, yellow, purple and orange

i have told you perhaps once or twice that i get a box of produce delivered right to my front door. the two times ago it arrived just as i was ready to make lunch, and was rather impatient in thinking what i wanted to eat. had to be quick and easy. we're talking less than 3 minutes in prep time. so i started to make a sandwich, and it was full of lettuce, fake bacon and cheese. the box arrived and i saw an avocado. i grabbed it eagerly. i sliced into it and the colors were just so pretty i had to take a picture. so here they are:


and one more

ahnnnnnnnd scene. and yes, the sandwich was good, but kind of exploding with avocados...

today, nearly three weeks later, i am home enjoying a quiet solo night in. and good for me since i want to experiment with cooking. i see my 2nd tube of polenta patiently waiting for me. so i decide tonight is the night. i grab a huge collard green leaf, one carrot, a garlic clove and a teeny bit of red onion. i sautéed the garlic and green first, then add the carrot and at the end add the red onion. i wanted the onions and carrots to be nearly raw, but w/ a slight cooked temp. w/ the polenta, i just repeated what i did the last time. very little water, a teeny bit more of milk, butter and parm cheese. mix them all together and i am a happy camper. the sweetness of the carrot and the red onion are there to balance out the bitterness of the green. admittedly a strange combo of things i happen to have on hand, but also just experimental, and, most importantly, the carrots deliver the crunch i realize i need to "feel" full and satisfied. the red onions are kind of strong, should have let them cook longer. good thing i'm eating for one tonight. i don't think i can subject the boo to this meal (or even open-minded veggies for that matter), but maybe he'll slowly get used to the idea of eating veggies other than broccoli. maybe not.

27 March 2008

big guy in a small hat

i'm gonna miss the first friend i made in law school. a lot.

siempre con swing

i just love that little intro to "cachaito," and i thought well, why not.

so these are the things the CT has been up to lately:

cycling around town as means of transportation and exercise.

after years of investing in the noggin, she finally knows that safety is sexy.

and as always, she is tinkering with this when she is at home on crisply chilly nights.

more updates to come very very soon.

12 March 2008


the title says it all...

and the sun

was so beautiful, the ocean held up a mirror.

11 March 2008


"true empathy is the ultimate antidote to anger and resentment. remember, anger is caused by your thoughts not others' actions. when you take the time to throughly understand another's thoughts and motivations, your mind reading and blaming are short-circuited. you see the logic behind others' actions. you may still not agree with the logic or like the actions, but you understand. you come to see that real evil and meanness are very rare, that the vast majority of people are seeking pleasure or avoiding pain in what seems to them the best way at the time. you see how little your own worth or actions enter into the equation. you are free to accept the facts of the matter, forgive the offender, and move on."

-- m. mckay & p. fanning.