23 February 2008

where's the storm?

the CT and her boo were supposed to go up north to wine country to celebrate being alive. instead the weather people made a big fuss over a huge storm that is supposedly coming to northern california. but now it's saturday and there is no rain, no gusts of wind up to 50 mph. nada. grr. but there is always next weekend, isn't there? that's the beauty of being alive.

so the CT decided if she was going to be holed up in her apt with her calimexican roommate, she was going to make the best of it. like back in the day when the CT and CM both lived in nyc, and nyc would be closed down due to the snow. she got a copy of the next dvd of the L word, some organic red wine (from argentina, that's right...) and some good stories to share. in the meantime, she is curling up with her favorite thing in the world. tea. if you happen to be in a town with a trader joe's, the CT highly recommends the mango spiced black tea. preferably in this huge mug. two hands to hold, twice the fun for the CT! yummmmmy.

orale pues. bueno bye.

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