27 February 2008

twice is just right

for some reason i've been craving polenta. it's strange b/c i never really have cooked polenta before and have only had it a few times at restaurants. regardless, the last time i was at TJ's, i saw it and decided, "why not?"

so i tried one recipe and it was a total and complete failure. i think it was because i added WAAAAAAAY too much water for the pre-cooked polenta tube. that was singlehandedly the worst thing i've ever cooked in my life. i tried to eat it too, but i just couldn't. the arugula and cheese were lumped together like clay and the polenta was a watered down mess.

i was disappointed with the last attempt, but today i decided to try again to MUCH better results. i put in much less water, some milk, a dash of soy sauce and stirred, stirred, stirred until i got the consistency i wanted. i then added butter, tore up some leaves from beets, garlic and parm cheese. finally! what i wanted. success. and will definitely be trying it again soon.

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