21 February 2008

nine months of trouble

you may know my favorite site on the internet is jezebel. those women just never stop cracking me up. or never stop failing to show me something that is strange, yet not entirely created by pop culture. ok, it is. anyway, i saw something today that i thought was worth posting for the "things that make you go hmmm" factor.

before juno, 41 years ago, this is what america thought of (white) teenage mothers:

this is what america (but not britain) thinks of (white) teenage mothers in 2007:

i guess in 2007 they have a bigger vocabulary and shorter hair. oh, today's teens and are less slutty and less prone to being used by men? ok, whatever. oh, but for sure they have a witty indie soundtrack, are shown in film festivals, and are nominated for oscars.

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