11 February 2008

it's a small world after all

and google just keeps bringing us closer together. soon the world will fit in the palm of someone's hand. this is neither a good nor bad thing. just...interesting. and in the immortal words of texans everywhere: "n-e-wase."

it's funny, the CT had been coming out of her shell until about, hmm, october of last year. then she quickly and quietly retreated back into the shell which has covered her from when she was born. but, she still thinks she talks to people about what she has been thinking. so when she was at brunch today talking to her boo, she was completely surprised when she realized she hadn't shared her new video idea with him. and that's just downright strange because in her idea he, or rather his voice, takes a pivotal part. and during the brunch which turned into an informal brainstorming session, he offered to create and donate a model he will soon make. she couldn't have planned that better herself.

the new idea conceptualized after a chance meeting with a poet in texas while getting video for another project. this poet is from another generation, one that is slowly starting to meet back with its original mother, and after which all stories will be silent unless told. the CT and the poet got along on a new age-y level, and he invited her to his bookstore so they could continue the conversation. so she did a few days later, and stumbled upon a small meeting of like-minded folks. she felt like she hadn't left her california non-profit ways at all when looking around this table and listening to them speak. she then began to discuss her ideas with them and got positive feedback. she even agreed to meet with them on their trip to califas in the near future. she then completed a commercial transaction, an apparently uncommon one, as the employee told the CT she was given access to the poet's personal backstock of chicano artifacts. upon hearing this, she determined this was an honor rarely bestowed on other humans, and quickly expressed her humble thanks and thought she had the new age-y connection to thank for that.

so the weekly-sunday-brunch-turned-informal-brainstorming-session turned out rather well. and thanks to the initial discussion of the poet and the long-haired rock star immigration JD, the CT and her boo also realized their parents share somewhat similar activist roots, including mothers who once had what sounds like the same job. weird... but that is one connection google didn't make today, they managed to figure that out on their own without the help of the google on the internet machine.

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