19 February 2008

cognitive distortions II

was working on another post named the above minus II, but am not sure it will appear in its current form.

the CT's piece on cognitive distortions is along the lines of these two posts i recently read. one from dooce, the other from her husband. i think they are both refreshingly honest ways of talking about mental health without stigma. something from which we all can learn.

i suppose now it's time to fully read the chapter entitled "cognitive distortions" and eat a tofu sandwich exploding with lettuce. man, that head of lettuce i got last week was HUGE. and i also got a mango. i'm so happy with that particular addition, because although i lovelovelove the citrus fruits, i have to say this vegetarian (who is trying to eat locally) was really happy to have a new fruit buddy to devour during the week.

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