11 December 2007

Re: Itinerary & Hola!

so, we're going to lighten things up a bit, i mean it is the holidays, right?

and in that vein, the CT got an email from someone she does not know. apparently it was supposed to go to someone that shares her initials and last name.

sounds cute, jovial, and lighthearted. just what the doc ordered today. but as a quick aside, when did tango dancing become the new black? its ubiquitousness in this part of california has not escaped me. on that note, have fun in palermo hollywood people! it's one of the 53 best places to go in 2008! you guys are such trendsetters.

the identifying deets have been changed to protect the unknowing:

From: Zimmerman
To: ??, ??@kpmg.com, ??@gmail.com
Re: Itinerary & Hola!

Hola! Z-3 arrived. Z-BA met them at the aeropuerto with an auto.
Ate steak! Drank wine! Napped! Ready to go Tango! Luv Z-4


I dont really know how but somehow we seem to have misplaced your itinerary (again...)

Could you send it to this email address?

Muchos Gracias...

Glad to hear that the location is good! and also that Disney is so closeare you gonna go there? With a pack of Accountants maybe?

have fun and dont train too hard.
See you soon!

---------------------------- Mup's Address -------------------------------

The # of the Apartment is Guatemala 5527. I think its the first one (they are right next to each other). It is between Fitzroy and Humboldt. It is in Palermo Hollywood and the closest subte station is Palermo.

my phone # is 11 6015 9079


Paul say's, don't drink the water... Otherwise, Mup is running us ragged and we're having a grand time! See you shortly!

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