12 December 2007

a girl with a bird she found in the snow

the CT usually feels better when she writes, but she doesn't have the mental energy for a full post right now. her head is in jumbles, swirling round and a round...she will sort out soon enough, by writing. thinking in circles gets one absolutely nowhere...

so she will satiate you with the following video and ichat conversation she had while viewing it for the 2nd time. the song is "boy with a coin" by the new texan sam beam, aka, iron and wine.

"ll: i can see that vid but no sound
looks good
ct: oh
ll: i shall put it on tumblr
ct: yeah, well, i like the song a lot
he's one of my fav artists around right now
and i liked the dancing
he lives just outside of austin
in marble falls
he used to live in florida
i also like the camera angles
like it's giving them the ultimate deference
ll: i was too distracted by their wrist wrotations
ct: and not sexualizing it more unnecessarily
ll: rotations
ct: just letting it speak for itself
ll: yeah
it seems very saturated
like the colors or something
ct: yeah
i like that
ll: not sure how the do that
ct: [photographer friend] takes pics like that
i could ask him
her skirt goes wheeeeeeee"

enjoy. it's pretty.

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