04 December 2007

everybody hurts sometimes

usually the song lyrics that make up each post mean something to the post itself. this time, however, it represents an embarrassing confession the calitexican must make. i heard she was feeling under the weather, so i went over to see her, you know, to bring her some soup and tea. (in case you haven't heard, this girl LOVES tea.) and how do i find her? in her bed, in the dark watching my so called life. i just wanted to so call yarf all over her bed, but i thought the smell might be irritating after awhile. i caught her watching the end of the episode (which is on abc.com if you are at all interested), and everybody hurts from R.E.M. was playing. we had a good laugh over how friggin 90s this show is, and then got to some serious business. (quick aside, i do believe that the highway scene from that video is shot in san antonio, tx, but supposed to take place in l.a. how frigging calitexican of R.E.M., huh?)

now that song is stuck in my head and driving me a little nuts...

so the calitexican told me earlier today she was chatting with someone she's only met a couple of times, but would like to get to know a bit more. she feels this person can show her the ways of the geeky side. when she mentioned she likes to make videos, he introduced her to the stage 6 site...

she's familiar with divx through her obsessive heroes watching. she got into the heroes game late, and as a result had to catch some episodes online from far, far away. divx was the format presented in some regions. she thought the quality was pretty fucking outstanding. the most impressive part she found was when she and her lousy internet connection were still able to retain great quality when she fiddled around w/ it and made it full screen. usually when things are full screen and over a crappy connection, badbadbad things happen. not this time. and another thing that impressed her was when she had it in just the browser, it had an option to dim the rest of the computer screen that was not part of the video. now that, my friends, is the work of a real geek. that is something she never knew she wanted, and now pretty much does not want to live without.

back to stage 6. stage 6 is the "youtube" of divx. unfortunately for her, the CT was not able to get online with her beloved rockstar #7 today, but the next time she does, you can bet she will be in full on geek mode, complete with fiddling around with frame rates to make sure you can see her video just as she sees them on her computer.

and, just because i can, i leave you readers with this site (thanks elle). the pictures are gorgeous, artistic and absolutely inspiring. i wish i knew how to take/make pictures like those. perhaps one day i will.

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