21 December 2007

the dark don't hide it

i am fortunate enough to be in tejanolandia today. on my first full day on native soil i joined an eclectic group of women, and went out of the house into the world. i first stopped by my watering hole/food gathering place of choice. from there we picked up another like-minded human (chewing on chicking...boo...and sipping orange soup...yay!) and galloped off to the nearest texican cultural center we could find. (unfortunately) there is only one up here in these parts.

the building, btw, is gorgeous, sunny and a snake travels through its concrete sidewalks to sip water from the lake. the dark definitely don't hide it.

we walked, we looked, we talked, we commented on the styrofoam cups that no cultural center should keep in stock, and we left. we left the green grass, the black rocks, the bluish green agave, the black lake and bright clear blue sky behind. you do know green is the new black, verdad?

then we went to an exhibit entitled, anatomy of melancholy. this exhibit was right up my alley, and my senses were on heightened awareness (a bushism would liken it to red alert) when stepping into the gallery.

then all i saw were things that were either esthetically pleasing to my eye or made the hamsters in my brain run really fast on the wheel inside my head.

and then i heard the woman. shit. she was garishly loud. her voice was unnecessarily raised a few octaves, and she wouldn't stop talking. then i figured out, she didn't know how to stop talking. and most likely she was a guard, so we were confined to the same square room for about 20 minutes. i normally am quite good at tuning people out, but her voice managed to penetrate deep into my skull. i thought i ran away from her into a film screening by the artist, but nope. the two seconds i had of dark and quiet were interrupted by her asking the audience of me and two other people if "[we] got it? cause it took ME awhile, and if it took ME awhile to 'get it' i'm assuming you don't get it either." we were looking at the ending credits to a pseudo film. the words were blurry, not at all in focus. there was music accompanying it. i dunno, do YOU get it? "cause me, i know what i get out of it, but i really want to know what the artist was trying to say, you know?"

anyway, i could go on and on about how this woman was entirely disruptive to my normal gallery experience, but i will just leave it be. i hope to swing by again, hopefully NOT in this woman's presence, and this time look at the things i wanted to review in peace.

so yeah, i really liked this exhibition, despite all the unwanted white noise which accompanied it today. this was the first exhibition, possibly ever, that i really liked 90% of the artist's work. perhaps this is because i, too, can relate to melancholy and the obsessive use of exacto knives and sensational tabloid reading that involve my daily existence. well, ever since i got the exacto knife with awesome grip and padding that is. of course.

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